To all you sewing lot...

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  • Any bag-makers out there interested in waxed cotton fabric? We have some rolls in SE London/Deptford SE8, previously used for zip-up cases. I'd love to use but the wax will contaminate surfaces and machines which sew lightweights/waterproof fabrics.

    Dark olive and Navy blue, £5 pm

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  • That's a nice blue. I'd have some if I was nearby.

  • No worries to post if you don’t mind me folding, can’t be too expensive

  • I'd go for 2m worth, will pm you

  • What weight is it? Still around?
    If it wasn't for Brexit I might go for a roll, and then maybe make some Jackets.
    But all shipping is so expensive and customs are idiots, so I don't think it's worth it. But would love to help you shift it and put to good use.

  • would take some off your hands if this is still going? am local so could collect

  • Did anyone hear from @Chopsicle regarding this? I need to make a frame bag in the near future and don't think I've got enough material left in my supplies

  • Sorry!! Been on my list for too long, absolutely, love to get this out to folks to use

    The hesitation had been because I need to put down plastic before rolling out and cutting, to avoid getting the oily/wax coating onto surfaces in the studio.

    …but @moocher you picked ripples in the cosmos. I’m in studio this afternoon cutting new timber shelving & sanding, so perfect to get the dust sheet out for this. Can sort today for you & anyone else.

  • Cool. I'll have 4m of the blue please

  • sweet! could I grab 3m of each please?

  • ooh, possibly interested - do you know (roughly) how heavy it is? looking for some fairly heavy for bagmaking (like 18oz?) (in se4 so can collect)

    EDIT: not sure it's what I'm after for this thing, but I'll def take 2m of the olive anyway & use for something else if you're cutting

  • Anyone got a lead for some rubber/pvc backed black canvas? Or, anything good for sewing up into a frame bag?

    I've bought this material before, but they dont have black­var=563962309250

  • I guess Dralon wouldn’t be close enough?

  • Maybe, I don't know much about it to be honest. The pcv backed stuff above was nice because it had a decent thickness. I've got loads of black waxed canvas but it's relatively thin.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to ask so apologies if not! I'm tired of getting a massive bruise on my hip from lugging my bass drum pedal around with it's shitty shoulder strap. I was thinking about bodging some backpack straps on to it. The case looks like this, it has a solid plastic back to it. Reckon I can just drill a couple of holes in it to attach some straps? Anything else to consider?

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To all you sewing lot...

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