To all you sewing lot...

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  • Thanks, this is really helpful.

    I think it could well be the needle size, as it was only happening when i was going through 3/4 layers of seatbelt strap and it doesn't happen when I'm doing it on a single piece of thinner fabric.

    Will do more investigation, thanks !

  • Where could I find used lorry tarpaulin in useful sizes?

  • Any local haulage company that runs curtain siders.

  • What thread do people use for making bags and straps?

  • I use Gutermann upholstery thread, which plays nicely with my elderly Singer 99K and a denim needle.

    I've been using it on PVC, Cordura and nylon webbing straps with some minor variations in thread tension, and it also works with a Speedy Stitcher or hand sewing for the bits that are too many layers or too tight on space for my machine. Not yet tried cotton duck, but I would imagine that will be ok as well.

    What you really need is a reply from someone who uses technology from this century ...

  • I’ve just got a fairly standard Janome machine that’s almost 15 years old, so it’s good to know.
    What’s the thread size?
    And this do for a needle?


    I'm using it with a 100/16 needle on a 'suck it and see' basis - it seems to work for me but I'm no expert.

    Edit: just looked, and mine are Hemline Jeans 100/16 machine needles - about half the price of a Janome branded set?

  • I have a pretty new Juki 8700H and I use the same thread as you for most of my sewing, along with size 16 needles.
    I think it's a nice balance between strength and fineness.

  • Broken.

    What position should the bobbin case be in when the needle is at its lowest?

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  • When the needle raises from the lowest point, it creates a loop in the thread and the hook in the bobbin picks the thread up. So with that in mind you need to line the hook up to the needle when it’s rising. There should be a mark somewhere on your machine to line certain parts up. You will need to check the specs for your machine. I’ve only ever done this on old Singers, it’s pretty straightforward to work out if you can’t find the details for your machine.

  • Thanks. I need to set aside some time to have a proper look at it.

  • Fixed. There was a 1cm thread trapped in the bobbin case preventing it from moving

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To all you sewing lot...

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