To all you sewing lot...

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  • I've never liked the feel of paracord, doesn't play well with cordlocks either in my experience. Although lineloks are a different thing entirely so could well be fine.

    Love the bag @LeBlaireau, particularly the buckles on the strap. I've actually just cut two of those out of an old backpack that went to the tip.

  • Ooh yeah this is a great bag, I’ve been planning something similar, I think the decision to go xpac has been decided now! The idea for the strap will be the opposite, webbing attached to the bag with a webbing to cord buckle a couple inches up.

    Will give the dyneema a go, the paracord ive tried in the past did have a “baggy” feel to it.

  • What size was this? Was looking at getting one for my singer! Super neat

  • This is a 10mm, actual width on this first sample might have been closer to 9mm but more than good enough. Wouldn't go wider nor narrower than this I think, it was a pretty good guess.

  • I haven't posted my handiwork here in a while because it feels a bit naughty with it becoming commercial and that. But I'm very happy with the totes I've been doing on the side, initially I struggled with them being one on one copies of other bags, but I'm starting to make them my own. The grey one is an experiment with uncoated fabrics. Using mostly x-pac I could get away with a raw seam here and there, although most everything is behind binding. But on this recycled cordura I had to seal everything and set the challenge of not using binding. I'll do the top corners differently next time but I'm happy nonetheless.

    The coyote pocket on the bordeaux bag could have been neater, sewing zipper into a rounded corner was the first time I really needed a zipper foot. Will hopefully have the chance to try something like it again some time soon.

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  • Yeah it looks ideal, I’ve been looking at exploring more foot option for my machine. Wanted to try a free motion for a while so that’s in the basket. Annoying singer have a 6mm or 13mm rolled hem foot but not one in the middle!

    The bias tape foot also looks very handy. Would really speed up edging, will have to have a look see if there’s one I can get!


    Seems as though both of these could work, the bias tape attachment doesn’t seem to be clear on the size it tapes, but I would be after a single fold on 20mm grosgrain taking it to 10mm on the edge.

  • Spamming today ain’t I? Stuck an order in for the bits I posted above, will stick a review up when they arrive. Got 4 feet in total, 3 different sizes for the rolled hemming foot, all cheaper than one from the SingerOutlet!

  • ^ good work upthread

    Latest make. Camo lined, internal pocket. I need to do less forward and back stitching over corners and webbing.

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  • Plus trim the threads and shorten the strap

  • trim the threads­_fisk-sml

    These are the best, I have a small neodymium magnet on my machine I stick them on.

  • Any interest in a computer embroidery machine on here before I eBay it?

    Bought a year or two ago for a project that never went anywhere

    Brother something or other

  • Always been intrigued by these, but I cant justify any more gear haha!

  • Got some x-pac on the way alongside a variety of dyneema cord. I’ve some webbing to cord buckles as well. Half a meter of x-pac should be just enough to get a sacoche and matching wallet done… let’s hope

  • Any of you ever delt with getting patterns printed? I need a big 36x70” pattern printed, where’s my cheapest option. Had a look online and found some suitable places but would be nice to have a recommendation/somewhere in LDN I can pick up!

  • Fabric printing? Not London based, but I've used Prinfab. Quick turnaround, though with most places, your limited to what fabrics they use and got in stock.

  • Sorry should have elaborated, I need a paper pattern printed! Though I am now thinking about fabric printing 😩

  • Oh...well heres an example of some fabric I got printed (someone's artwork), into a bag. Resolution of pic was a bit off but can't fault company.

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  • Looks great, will bear in mind when the need strikes!

  • Can you setup on Illustrator (or similar) art boards, zero spacing, print on desktop A4, tape together?

    I could set up as a pdf if you need, you just print at 100%

  • I absolutely could, my printer is out of ink at the minute so was just seeing the pricing on getting a pattern printed at a print shop. Seems to be a few good options on the net so I guess I’ll go with one and report back!

  • Might be using the wrong search terms, but I’m struggling to find any cotton ripstop. All I’m getting in search results is nylon coated/uncoated. Wanted to make some shorts from it so wanted it a bit nicer on the skin.

    Picture attached of what I had in mind.

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  • That Blue/Pink/Green tote is beautiful! Where do you sell these? Definitely interested.

  • Us based though, will get stung on customs, was hoping for a stockist in the jk but seems not to be the way!

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To all you sewing lot...

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