To all you sewing lot...

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  • Anyone know of a decent seller of 25mm nylon webbing?

    I need 4m each of black, red, yellow, orange, pink, light blue, dark blue

    The ebay seller I ordered from now tells me my order hasnt actually been dispatched and that they dont have all the colours in stock.

  • Have a bunch of clothes that are in need of some patching. Particularly some Levi's with a classic case of "cyclist crotch". Is there some place in Hackney you can learn to mend?

  • Hey, how are people here attaching snap fasteners? I've been using a kit where you sort of hammer out the hole with a punch and then hammer in the studs, but the tools are pretty shit and it takes ages. Is there a better method you've found? Thanks

  • Just found out what I think I'm looking for are called 'Prym Vario pliers'

  • Prym pliers. There’s a kit with lots of bits in a nice box.

  • Just posting up here to say if anyone ever needs any specific advice my inbox is always open, be that email or PM. I don't check here very often but I will try to moving forward.

    (I am Mack Workshop, btw)

    I also have a youtube channel with tutorials, including a video on what kinda machine to look for, where to source materials, etc. which is here I don't update it very often at the moment but if people have requests for videos I'd be more than happy to.

  • Just flicked through some of the videos - thanks for doing those! Got all the kit for a couple of frame bags months ago but haven't had time to doing them. Got a fair idea on how to put them together but will check your video first.

  • I'm interested in replacing some of the worn hook & loop fasteners on an old jacket of mine.
    I've been looking on eBay.
    Is it worth going for something branded as premium/higher quality? (Velcro obviously comes up a lot)

    Edit: I'm also interested in some for a bag I'm repairing atm, which I imagine would be worth spending out a bit more for

  • Interesting, my down jacket is losing it's Velcro-ability and I couldn't be happier about it. I'd replace with almost anything else as Velcro fucks up my wool sweaters.

  • I'm happy to replace it really.
    It's annoying as it is because I can't close the cuffs properly with it as it is.
    It doesn't seem to catch on anything I wear at the moment.
    It's a German army jacket (I have two identical ones actually)
    I've owned this one for half my life and it's a great feeling repairing it and keeping it going.

  • Some of the cheaper velcro type material is rather plasticy and not very flexible

  • Annoyingly my down jacket (that I got used for a good price on here) has just had a hole RIP in the outer material and I'm shedding feathers rapidly. So I'll probably be back for a solution to that soon.

  • I'd replace with almost anything else as Velcro fucks up my wool sweaters.

    This! Velcro kills merino quickly.

  • Flexibility is important I guess because it's a cuff I like to do up quite tight. And I'm bad/Just learning to sew.

  • Are you around next Friday/Saturday? I'll have bits & pieces to do some very low-profile repairs in Deptford;­nter-pop-up/
    I have a North Face down jacket in the studio I just patched yesterday, will post pics tomorrow to give you an idea.

  • I'm probably around, but I'd quite like to do the repairs myself and gain what knowledge and experience I can from it.
    I was going crazy in the last couple of weeks while isolating and have been repairing a pile of torn clothes I've been to tight to let go.

    Interested to see the North Face repair, the material on my down jacket is quite thin, I should change label really and actually find out what it's made of.

  • Cool, yes, can definitely pass on what I know + materials if needed, and let you crack on - I have hot-melt film, heat-cutter, fabrics, and press. You basically make up a custom patch with hot-melt film backing, heat-sealed edges to stop fraying, and apply over the damaged section. Will send photos tomorrow when I'm in.

  • Super. Hopefully I can come and have a look at what you do/have. Very grateful for any knowledge/advice 😊

  • I've also been down a bit of an embroidery rabbit hole over the last week or so. I have to remind myself that I have other stuff going on in life because I tend to let a new interest take over 😅
    Best to start by repairing my old junk!

  • I just found 2 black buttons, maybe it's a sign. I much prefer slapping the hook and loop together though.

  • Sorry, two quick pics of patches over damaged down jacket - patch shows up in these pics, think it’s the lighting, a lot more than IRL;

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  • Oh they look great, thanks

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To all you sewing lot...

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