To all you sewing lot...

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  • This is awesome, I love it! Where did you get the pattern from?

  • Thank you! I should have mentioned the pattern. I (mostly) followed the Folkwear Kimono pattern. Another advantage of every pieces being rectangles is that there's no real need to get it in paper version or print it at all. I measured everything I needed to know using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Anyone know what the name of this particular pencil case material is?­66/mesh-pocket-pouch-bag-pencil-case?

  • Don’t think it comes in mesh form, haven’t seen it anyway.

  • You mean the crashproof stuff Team DSM uses in their bib shorts?

  • It's just clear reinforced truck tarp.

  • I just came across someone in Japan using dyneema for bike bags, interesting to see­eema-saddle-bag-black

  • Those are lovely looking, though there are number of bag makers making use of dyneema - Straight Cut based in Edinburgh for example. Many boutique makers seem to offer it, and if you're interested in some EU based dyneema goods, Dyborg Gear has been working with it for a while and the goods seem excellent quality

  • Made a frame bag, in handsome blue.

    Pretty happy with it

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  • Impressive stuff

  • It fits which is the main thing :)

  • Very cool, @moocher!

    I made a basket bag out of left over fabrics. I’ll add a strap to the rack to tie it down. I debated building it into the bag but I think a permanent strap on the basket for random stuff will be good anyway, I think I’ll combine it with something to keep my lock from rattling.

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  • Cannondale in the background looks sweet.

  • What are the best cheap sewing weights? I know the cheapest will be whatever I have lying around or some rocks, but I was thinking maybe some large steel nuts (heh)?

  • Last time I checked, on the internet people were saying they're using steel washers, which I found to be surprisingly expensive for what they are. So I carried on using books.

  • Freecycle; Does anyone need an industrial sewing machine motor? I replaced with a quiet servo one last summer, and have had it sat around gathering dust. Sturdy bit of kit which seems a shame to scrap. Heavy, solid, could also be used for other workshop applications - Can post details/pics if interested, in SE22

  • maybe someone at the london hackspace would want it?

  • Cool, good idea, thanks @moocher - I'll post in the classifieds here first, then look for a local hackspace if not.

  • Has anybody got any experience of bleaching a cotton/linen blend? I have some beige trousers which I was considering turning white using bleach. They're a 80/20 mix of cotton/linen and I'm a bit worried the bleach may seriously weaken them.

    Does anybody have any experience of this?

    It's for fancy dress so slight weakening is probably ok as they won't be worn on a daily basis.

  • Is anyone on here up for a bit of a repair?
    I've got a tote bag I like but needs relining.

    What are my options here please thank you.

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  • Better pic would help. I can do it (probably) if you don't mind posting it and waiting a few weeks...

  • Good evening Sewers

    A couple weeks back I fell off my bike. Second to the nice bit of road rash I gained, the most annoying part of falling was ripping my bloody clothes! But fortunately for me, my very lovely and talented girlfriend (who will probably read this later) is great with making and repairing all kinds of clothes.

    My question is regarding this Sportful Fiandre jacket. In the photos I've tried to detail the main damage.
    There appears to be 2 layers of material - 1 outer layer, which I think is some kind of 'technical' material with a DWR coating, and an inner material which I think is for warmth/insulating.
    My gf would usually just sew up the bits which are only ripped on one layer, and then stick a patch on the bits ripped through.
    What I'm wondering is if cycling clothes like this need to be repaired in a different way to normal clothes to retain their properties? What material would be best for the patch?

    Now this jacket only cost me £25 on eBay, but with the general cost of clothing and the fact that it's a great jacket I'm inclined to repair and give it a good life.
    Any help appreciated thanks!

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  • Got any old brushed bibs that can be a donor? I've got a kinda similar material, but it's probably a bit stiff and blue. I'll try to find the bolt, the photos are from some shorts I did.

    Or you could possibly make a patch by cutting out from a less prominent area. (repair that donor site with lycra )

    Or get some goretex type fabric patches.

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  • Coming back to this, where are you based?
    Pics on way

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To all you sewing lot...

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