To all you sewing lot...

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  • anyone able to send me the patterns for cycling caps? NOt going to sell - just fancy knocking some up.

    Thanks in advance

    Merry Christmas x

  • Don't have any, but you could take one apart and use the panels as a pattern...

  • yeah - i havent got one I want to dismantle at the mo - if I cant get a pattern i'll buy a cheap hat though and use that

  • /\ thats the one ive just started using, its good but you have to re-draw it to the right size, or enlarge the two different bits to the right size

  • you leg-end!

    I'll get it on the photocopier at work

    Cheers mate

  • pm smeear and check out his hats

    he might be able to send you a pattern although it is his buisness so you might have to sign some confidentiality agreement not to pass it on !

  • Check out Threadbanger on the youtube, they have a ten minute video on how to make a cycle cap.

  • Is this the sewing club?
    Just picked up a quality (looking) retro sewing machine.
    NFI how to use it and have drawn blood already.
    Was going to join a sewing forum but I only have time for one in my life.
    So, is it appropriate to ask questions or should I fook off to google?

  • i've made a couple of those ones from that pattern, they come out quite nice but i think i am going to try the other design with just the 2 side panels and one big central piece next.
    Some hat company ont he web has all the templates for all their hats on their website for free, i just can't remember who it was...

  • yeahh thats the one

  • that one from flickr is out of proportion to the dimensions written, I've reshaped it and split into two PDF's (body and brim) if anyone want's it?

  • are you sure it is out of dimension, i think the 8inch line is just mean to go all the way down to the 6 1/2 inch line? would it be alright then? otherise I'd like the better size version

  • I'll take a PDF if it is too. Cheers.

  • what are you going to use as interfacing for the peak?

  • Ice cream tubs, or similar tin plastic sheeting?

  • I used 2 layers of that anoying vacum packed stuff you get electronics in, you know the stuff you need scissors to open. or a couple of layers of overhead projector acetate

  • ^^ hmm, good choices.

  • shit is this thread going to put me out of business?

  • looks like it...
    Been having a look at some of your hats online, they look really well done, mine have come out a bit ropey mainly, I'm very impressed

  • siht is this thread going to put me out of business?

    doubt it. vintage pattern books are filled with design from some of the most lavish names in couture and this has not put them out of business. knowing how to make something will not stop you buying one off the shelf or made to measure. i am sure philip treacy still buys hats for himself. keep doing what your doing.

    sorry if i missed something.

  • in that image, the 7" is showing as bigger than the 8"

    I had a go, not too bad considering I've never touched a sewing machine before

    peak made from old rugby shorts and a bit assymetrical, the main part made from a skirt from the 99p shop in Camberwell

  • more pics of your handy work please

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To all you sewing lot...

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