Tour de Ville December Frame Sale

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  • Tour de Ville is having a December frame sale this week with lots of vintage steel frames under £ 100,-

    Nothing smaller then 53 or larger then 59.

    More information on

  • Nice one Jos. I'm down in London from Brum for the weekend, so i'll be sure to stop by. Cheers

  • Got any decent skidders for under £30 ?

  • :d

  • does it barspin??

  • Web says back in January.
    Was round London fields today and 6pt informed me that their landlord was "clearing out" and chucking stuff in a skip.
    Any news anyone?

  • anyone know if this is still on?

  • what tyres are these ??

  • ^^ This was a serious question ffs.

  • yeah,is it still on??

  • ^^ This was a serious question ffs.

    hey fruitbat, how are you matey ;)

    and yea it is a serious question, those tyres look great, don't you think ?

  • I'm fine, but I'm led to believe that TdV (as a shop) is not. That was the question.

  • oh dear, i just read your upsteam post, i do hope it's not out of business.

  • Sounds more likely to be part of this...?

    "Tour de Ville will be closed for a Christmas revamp / restock starting 15 - 12.

    We will be back open for business in the first week of January."

    (from their homepage)

  • To elaborate on fruitbat's comment, I popped by looking for a tube this afternoon and the shop as I last saw it was no more.
    Odd bits and bobs everywhere and the shop floor pretty much empty. An old guy and his wife were pottering about and I asked them what had become of TdV; he told me that most of it had gone back to Holland as the shop wasn't doing the business it needed to survive, and he was clearing/chucking the rest out. Pointed me upstairs and told me to have a look to see if I could find what I wanted, or if there was anything else that caught my eye I could have it, but alas I'd turned up too late because three minutes later he said he was almost done and I had to head off =\ Lots of rims left out front, lots of handlebars upstairs, a disc wheel of somesort by the front door, that's all I could really take in (and my mind was on other things).

  • What he said.

  • yikes! :(

  • Oh, that would be such a shame if they gave up on London altogether. The location was never ideal, but perhaps they'll find a new location for a physical presence? Either way, I hope they'll continue trading, even if it's on-line.

  • My mate went there on Sunday and met the landlords who were clearing out a load of broken/random stuff that was left behind . He got a few bits and pieces , seems like they were owed money ,selling stuff off cheap . A real shame . I think Jos will continue online , Keith left a while ago .

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Tour de Ville December Frame Sale

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