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  • Passes purchased, first world problems averted. Until of course my girlfriend sees what photo I used for her pass.

  • .. moved to snowboarding thread

  • Well, its august, Autumn is just around the corner, which means winter can't be that far away.

    Whilst our touring fitness has improved a shit load in the last few years with only two trips per year, i've reached somewhat of a weight loss plateau and my metabolism has seemingly decided that running and strength training isn't enough to stimulate it any more. I think my body has finally realised that I'm no longer in my twenties.

    To that end, I've just bought a pair of these. Sure, I'm going to look like an utter plonker but we've got the haute route coming up in the spring and its time to shift some timber.

  • We are all booked in at Les Arc Extreme, party of 8 with mixed abilities and all inclusive deals.. I am excite

  • Nice. Shame we couldn't come.

    It's that time of year...the time of year where we check the Alps weather twice a day.

  • Oh poo.. I forgot about the twice daily weather checking resort cams.. in February and just prior to departure..

    my last two ski outings in Prato Nevoso, Cuneo, Italy late season was utter joy with empty slopes

  • So.... have you clocked some miles on those bad boys? Pics or it didn't happen.

  • Not as many as I would have's hard! Physically hard for sure but you don't have anywhere near the same balance or control as on snow!

    Will be interesting to see if it has helped with my uphill fitness in January. Still a fat cunt, but hopefully a fitter fat cunt.

  • Fair play for even trying - they look terrifying to me! Way back in the day i had some near death experiences on roller blades and they look ten times harder to control.

  • The other issue is that you look like a right plonker doing it in Greenwich Park. Especially if you're not very good!

    I'll keep at it though. One fun motivator is that Posey Musgrave is our local coach for hire. Never a good idea to pass up the chance of coaching from an Olympian!

  • Guess you know about ?
    If you get the chance, try one of their biathlon taster days. All the fun of roller skiing and some shooting too (only laser rifles, mind)
    Iirc they do it at Redbridge (?)

  • That's who I bought my kit from.

    @scherrit Are you still roller skiing?

  • That is awesome! Well, there's no excuses then - I expect to see you in Beijing 2022 :)

  • Well the early season snow at Verbier was pretty good and falling hard, although visibility was as a result appalling. Early days, but it looks like it might be a good season.

  • I'm just having a nice nostalgic think about the storms that caused problems in Valais in January 2018, ultimately leading us to have to leave the Mattertal by helicopter. Its amazing that there were no fatalities. I say nice and nostalgic because everything turned out ok.

    There were two storms in quick succession, dumping 1.8m of snow in 60 hours with 24 hours of relative calm in the middle. We took the opportunity to get one big snowshoe climb under our belts in-between the storms and in retrospect we were foolish to do so. Whilst the snow conditions weren't actually that sketchy because of how windblown the route we took was, we were so lucky with the weather.

    The second storm rolled in just as we summited and even though we were only outside for no more than 15 minutes when the wind picked up, I had bad frost nip or even mild frostbite on my face. I was frozen to the core. I had liners and mid gloves on for five minutes during the wind before putting some down mits on. My fingers were nearly black at the tips. I reckon if we had been out there for much longer, we could have been in bad trouble. Apparently the wind reading for the nearest weather station (about 4km away and at same altitude) was gusting over 220kmh less than one hour after we got to safety.

    Given that we had spent about three hours post holing through neck deep snow (in gullies) and were exhausted...if we had rested for half an hour more, I think there was a chance that we might have been the only two victims.

    Foolish, dangerous but ultimately good memories. We fucked up on our reading of the weather, but we called the snow pack well and were well equipped. Silver linings and all that.

    EDIT: Was just pondering what our decision making would have been if we had been caught by the winds. I think we would have had mere minutes to make a call what to do. I think I am being overly dramatic above because we had two choices...descend to a deep snow gully and dig a snowhole and bivvie or smash out way into the (by then closed) lift station to shelter there. Meh. Won't be taking risks like that again.

  • Thought these two photos demonstrated the conditions before the weather turned quite well. For obvious reasons we didn't take any photos when things started to get hairy.

    Look at the size of that snow drift and angle of that piste pole!

    For those who know the area, the route was Furi to Schwarzee to Trockener Steg.

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  • These photos are of the Kumme lift station before the 2nd storm and of the Kumme lift station after the storm. Avalanche reduced it to rubble.

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  • I remember when that happened. Mind you Kumme was ancient and really did need to be replaced (just not quite like this!). I'm back again this year, will be interesting to see if we get that level of snow again

  • Lech in February for a 3.5 day boys trip.

    What gym work is useful for skiing? (all on-piste, any piste including the occasional un-bashed ski-way). I guessing ALL THE SQUATS.

    (I usually just rely on cycling and running fitness, and not being the slowest of the group.)

  • Core really important along with flexibility around the hips.
    Plus if it’s a proper boys trip at least 3 nights a week of heavy drinking and a 25 mile ride first thing the next morning.

  • Lunges really help. I also find back flexibility exercises really useful but that might just be because my back is fucked.

  • I heard a rumour that Zermatt are putting in a planning application for an operatorless replacement....will be a world first I think.

    We're off on Jan 4th.

  • Core really important along with flexibility around the hips.

    I'm fucked.

    Plus if it’s a proper boys trip at least 3 nights a week of heavy drinking and a 25 mile ride first thing the next morning.

    Did it the other way round last (this) year. HM training run in the morning of the day we flew out. Got through the two days of sore legs thanks to cold weather, Calanda beer and Jaegermeister.

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