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  • I’ve driven instead of taking the package flights and I’ve normally got £30 or so off the total price and been allowed to crack on.

  • yeah I'll give that a go before buying anything this season for sure. I've never molded the insides (or outside) of my current boots. They are Salomon X Pro 120 which i like, but pretty old now (16/17 model)

  • oh never heard of zipfits... wish i could try a whole bunch but obviously they won't do that

  • Any bootfitter will have their preferred system, most won't have multiple brands of liners. I would suggest finding a bootfitter who is a Salomon seller though as they will be used to working on that boot and have a good idea of what liners work best.
    From anecdotal evidence, Zipfits are closer fitting and pack out less than Intuition, but Intuition are slightly warmer and better for touring (or at least they have touring specific models).

  • I do want to keep the boot pretty tight and not impact the stiffness at all. I'm not really a tourer / blackcountry / off pieste skier, mostly ride around on a pair of Volkl Racetiger GS in Europe. The concern is pressure on the plate at the ankle and annoying the life out of me.

    Guess I really need to get walking first, then I'll stick my current boots on a see what they feel like

  • In that case I think Zipfit would be a good option. They fit tight and have their own laces so you can really keep the liner close around your foot.
    I've always had issue with my ankle bone (medial malleolus apparently) rubbing on standard liners but not had the same with zipfits. I think you can also get zipfits re-moulded which you can't with Surefoot's foam system.

  • wow there's a store 23minutes from me that's an official supplier for Zipfit! Will have to go check them out. Thanks for the recommendation

  • Anyone know if there are B26 roads that have to be taken to get to Chatel?

  • We've booked for Meribel at the end of January. Normally we'd book all the elements separately but so there is only one claim to be made in the event of any cancellation we've booked a package. Works out around £350 more expensive (we have access to reduced ski-train tickets normally). £26 for Covid cancellation insurance too...

  • Used to do airport transfers in that area and the amount of Mercedes ML's sliding all over the road causing huge tail backs would suggest that even if they are B26 that it isn't enforced.

  • I'll be on full winter tyres, just wanted to know if I need some chains in the boot for certain sections.

  • Belt and braces, chains are a bit of a hassle to use for that icy 150m section, but can avoid a slide into another car/tree/building

  • I would. Considering how steep and icy some sections can be you might struggle even with proper studded tyres unless you have a 4wd?

    For the small amount of space they take up + assumed low cost, I'd get them. If nothing elso so for the peace of mind or to help someone else out

  • Extremely powerful RWD? Get some chains.

    I'd be more inclined to get some snowflake marked all seasons like Michelin Cross Climates and chains. They will feel better than full winters 95% of the time, they are pretty damn capable on (packed) snow, B26 compliant and when it's sheet ice, you'll need chains anyway.

  • I have two sets of wheels, one with have winter tyres on for the trip, the other has Pirelli P-Zero's on (which are not great in my view, but they're what came with the car).

    The camper that is going to replace the E63 is 4wd and will be on the all-season tyres that you suggest.

  • And 1/3rd the power, which I imagine will help.

  • when living in Munich I had winter tyres on my RWD BMW and never used chains. That said there were a few times in rural Austria it would have helped!

  • What are the odds for the alps being open this spring? Heard rumors of lockdowns yesterday 😢

  • I was chatting with a friend who owns a small holiday business in Austria a few days ago. They are quietly optimistic that they will get a full ski season in after their current lockdown ends in December but I'm not entirely sure why other than the Austrian government is apparently setting a different tone in terms of expectations with the tourism sector this time round. I think their position is that as long as hospitals are ok in terms of capacity, then vaccinated tourists will be welcome.

    Tbh, I don't think anybody knows what will happen though.

  • I spoke to a ski school yesterday in meribel and they don’t have the confidence to run group lessons for this season.
    We are there in January and the closer it gets the less optimistic I am of getting there.

  • Off to Austria early Feb. Hotel has advised us that we'll need proof of 2 vaccines and boosters (not a problem for all of us as it's a boys trip and no children) if we want to be able to claim against their insurance for Covid related closures (of the hotel, resort or the country).

    Binned the idea of a family half-term trip to the French Pyrenees/Alps as we can't guarantee the various children will be able to meet the French vaccination requirements (especially for going out to restaurants). As I understand it currently the French require 12.2-17 year olds to have had two shots, and the UK is only giving 11-16 year olds one shot. They can go and go skiing, but they can't go to any restaurants, which is severely limiting for the self-catering holiday that we normally do.

  • Yeah, we don't have kids so none of those complications but even so, we're holding off booking anything until.closer to the time. Feels like there's too much to go wrong between now and then.

  • Hotel: We'll get a full refund if we can't go due to Covid thanks to insurance
    Flights: BA will allow us to defer them for small fee, (flights are only ~£120 per person anyway)
    Transfer: Full refund if we can't go due to Covid
    Ski Pass + Equip Hire + Booze: Only purchased if we actually get there - individual winter sports insurance covers piste/resort closure

    So even a late "no go" is just going to cost us a fraction of the flight costs once things are refunded.

  • I'm pretty confident Switzerland will stay open. The government here would struggle to impose another lockdown without some really serious jumps in cases.

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