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  • I'd like to avoid buying new if possible - I watched this traumatising climate mini documentary thing on fast fashion the other day.

    Good shout on the cycling base layers thing. Theres some rather fetching things on Ebay as well.

    So you reckon I could avoid the big pieces and go for something less than totally waterproof?

  • Some brilliant prices here, scroll down and there are trousers and jackets under £50.

    I've got a westbeach jacket as a spare, that I've had for years. It's really good.­ale

  • When are you going and where? If it's proper cold you won't need 100% waterproof clothes but if it'll be around zero and you'll (I assume, no offence) spend a lot of time on your ass in the snow it'll be very wet.

    I was in Les Arcs last March and it was surprisingly warm, it basically rained for a full day anywhere below 2000m. I was very happy with my goretex kit then.

  • Also, if you have the money, sign up for ski school. Well worth it if you want to learn fast.

  • Finally going to retire my old ski boots. Tecnica Rival X9 (I think). Bought in 1998/99 2003. They've probably done 30 weeks of skiing in that time.

    Heels/toes are so worn I had problems clipping in last year, and even if I could find replacement heels/toes it'd be a bugger to get the old ones off as some of the screws have had the heads ground off there's so much wear.

    Profeet have a 60% pre-season sale (last year's boots) and the fitting and custom soles is a miniscule £220. (That's not too bad if they last another 20 years...)

  • Bought mine on my ski season in 2005. Really time to replace them, as I keep saying, but then another year comes around.

  • I had been saying that for years but the worn out heels/toes have finally forced the issue.

    Will grab a photo of them when I get them down.

  • @kboy @seager
    my last two trips I was skiing in shorts, Les Arcs in France (March 2020 just prior to COVID lockdown) and Prato Nevoso in Italy (April 2018). Plenty of snow wet in places. I guess its all down to how much cold you can tolerate. Both trips wall to wall sunshine dawn to dusk skiing. Layers and especially winter cycling gear was well used.

    Lessons definitely worth it. I spent many years not having lessons, too many bad habits I guess, which needed correcting last winter

  • And @kboy - thanks for the expert input!

    Have booked some lessons at the slope up in Manchester, and picked up some salopettes and a couple of jackets from eBay (one a particular obnoxious 90s job). I’ll see how bad of a learner I am before getting another day of lessons whilst I’m out there.

    We’ve booked into Tignes in March, I understand it can get pretty cold up/down there so will layer up.

    I guess leave the boots and rent when I’m out there?

  • Bring your boots if you have a good pair but rent skis. I’ve had rental boots and couldn’t find a decent pair even though I tried half the shop on. I’m not sure but I got the feeling they have certain rental models that are comfy in store but shit on the slope

  • There is a series of very in depth podcasts about this from Blister. They chat with one of the team from Atomic who describes how they balance the first fit feeling with actual comfort after hours of use. I think rental boot liners are often padded out with thicker, softer foam which makes them feel comfy when they are new and you first put them on, but then eventually they pack out, your foot slips around and they just feel dogshit.

  • That's exactly my experience. Great for day 1 and 2, ok day 3, then they were literally 1-2 sizes too big. Tried to pad them out with socks and insoles but it just doesn't work

  • True. I found that getting my own boots was a big step up (although I haven't used them in a good few years). Also wearing proper skiing socks, which are fairly thin and not big fluffy monstrosities makes quite a difference in terms of feeling in control.

  • I'd like to head to Morzine for a couple of weeks next year, and I'm tempted to drive rather than get on a plane - purely so I can marinate in my own germs.

    This rules out the package operators like Crystal Ski as they include flights - anyone had experience of somewhere that does a good rate for ski passes and accommodation, or should I just pick a place on and buy a pass when I get there?

  • I haven’t come across any accommodation only places that does discounted rates for lift passes. So far has only been a thing with tour operators. In the alps anyways. US/Japan/Scandi might be different? Normally they offer to organise the pass so you don’t have to queue but that’s about it.

  • should I just pick a place on and buy a pass when I get there?

    This. If you fancy some company from a germ-marinated airline passenger, let me know. I assume I'll be able to pick up my skiing kit from Cycliste's flat in an outdoors-only socially-distanced and therefore acceptable manner.

  • Although personally I'd go to Chatel rather than Morzine given the chance. Much easier access to Avoriaz/Les Crosets/Champoussin than Morzine. Getting to La Chavanette from Morzine is a right ballsache.

  • I'm looking at 22nd of Jan to 5th of Feb - were you planning on being there then?

  • No, but my diary is pretty free for 2022.

  • @seager +1 for bringing your own boots, but don’t buy if you have never skied before. Invest in base layers, solid gloves. Shop around for soft shell trousers and jackets, decathlon is a great shout. Hire helmet, skis etc when you book lessons and ski pass.

    Try and get lessons here too before you go, so that you don’t arrive on the slopes as a complete novice.

    I’ve been invited to Tignes next February, not my preferred time of year nor location. However gentle arm twist last night with beers, with offer to transfer skis + kit by car.. squad travel by snow train. This is no package deal totally independent. It’s a boys trip with well seasoned skiers, I’m expecting it to be full on.

  • anyone done a fully custom boot liner? I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and now have a plate+screws in it. Obv. not going skiing soon, but I worry the plate might be annoying in my normal boots. I've been considering for years a proper custom liner just never done it.

  • Ouch heal up soon @Kirth

    I have heat mouldable boot liner, can you switch yours out?

    This was an interesting watch, I’ve not does this though.

  • Just buy a pass when you get there. I’ve always found package operators to be grim experiences and not really cost efficient

  • I got some Palau liners custom molded at Pro feet in Fulham - they were amazing. I've done the hot rice thing on some off the shelf snowboard liners too to get rid of some tight spots. Might be worth trying the DIY method on your existing liners first because if you're splashing out on new liners it's probably worth getting a pro to fit them.

  • I have Zipfits in my Dalbello boots. Very impressed that after 3 seasons they still feel snug. I could do with getting new ones or seeing if they could be re-moulded this year, but I'll probably put it off for a few more and regret it each winter.

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