Non-integrated crown forks

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  • I would be a great help to me if I could get some suggestions here, I've been looking at forks for a new frame I'm getting and I'm finding it very difficult to find Non-integrated crown forks, firstly I'm looking for ideas on what forks would suit the following frame and where to get said forks.

  • i don't know how much they go for though

  • Also forgot to mention that I'm looking for some forks with rake in them as the toe overlap with 0 rake seems to be quite bad.

    Any more suggestions, it would be much appreciated, also just to clarify I have used the search function

  • That doesn't look like zero rake on the picture (if that is what you are referring to) ?

  • Hi,
    first about the integrated/non integrated headset story. The forks are techicly the same the diffrence is optical only. The integrated headset forks are usually a bit wider on top in order to smoothly blend in with the big diameter headtubes of modern, integrated headset frames. If you pick a headset with a lower bearing that has the form of a trapezoid with the longer side on the bottom it should not even be a optical problem.
    Now to the thing with the rake. Rake has nothing to do with with strait blade or kurved blade forks. The Wound-up fork mentioned above does have rake. Your frame (is it an ostro, by the way? ) has a pretty steep head angle so you should not get a fork with too much rake. It will impair the handling. Toe overlap will always be an issue with a wheelbase that short. Just looking at the picture i would say 45mm of rake would be a good compromise between toe overlap and trail, it is also a widely common rake on road bike forks. I hope you can follow this mess of a post. If not ask.

  • First of all thanks a million for the reply,

    It is the ostro, so headset wise I'm looking at a Chris King, something strong, not yet though, maybe after Christmas, something cheaper 'till then.

    I thought that the rake was the amount of curve in the fork, my bad. As for the fork are there any forks that you could suggest. I am aware that toe overlap will be a problem, but a straight as a arrow fork it would be far worse.

    How about these for example

  • rake is not dependent on the fork being bent, as a straight bladed forks can be built to still achieve an "offset" or "rake". In the below picture you could draw an S shaped fork and still have the wheel in the same place. (In fact, Pinarello does... god knows why...)­_stability_sketch.jpg

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Non-integrated crown forks

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