50/14 Paul Roantree

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  • 50/14 aka Paul Roantree has been in hospital for the last 10 days.

    He was admitted to hospital on 30/11/09 because of a colorectal obstruction and a possible burst ulcer.* An exploratory operation was scheduled for the next Wednesday.* However his condition deteriorated to the point that they had to do an emergency procedure. Emergency operations for people are not the preferred way to tackle treatment.* Once inside they found extensive cancer, apparently around his colon, pancreas, periteneum and liver.* The full lump could not be excised as it is attached to too many vital organs.* The cells are poorly differentiated, this means that they are mutating and likely to be aggressive.

    He has been in hospital since then, as they try to stabilise his condition, he is generally comfortable and typically upbeat.

    Today Paul had his pathological histology, this is the total review of the condition and the plan for future treatment and care. The stomach, colon and liver cancers are secondary (metastatic) cancers.* It transpires that the primary cancer is in the pancreas.*** The best case scenario is that Paul stabilises from the highly invasive surgery.* If he stabilises enough to return home they would then consider chemotherapy, though right now care is primarily palliative (comfort, symptom control, improving quality of life and recovery).* A palliative specialist will be dealing with Paul soon.* Currently Paul is not strong enough to withstand chemotherapy, it is very very taxing on the body and he needs to recover strength first.* The assessment regarding the potential for chemo is entirely down to the post operative recovery.

    The hospital are happy for Paul to remain in his current ward as all the oncologist and palliative specialists can find him easily there and the staff seem to enjoy his company.*

    We also have to face the prospect of the worst case scenario, and there is a chance that it may just be a matter of weeks.* My belief is the belligerent sod will not go that quickly.* Please understand that even if we get as far as chemo this is not a cure, it will just slow down the progress.

    The staff at the hospital have been amazing and Paul is delighted with the service he has received.* If you have questions please refer to the macmillan website, it has a great deal of useful information.

    We will need to manage visits to Paul, too many people or too long a visit can be very tiring.* The difficulty being the obstinate man is a very social creature and wants to put on a strong front. Please be sensitive to his needs and comfort.

    If you wish to visit please contact object or pigfarmer by pm. Give your possible days and times. A constant stream of wellwishers will be a little too much right now as Paul needs to gain strength.*

    UPDATE 2009-12-31: Paul passed away this morning.

  • Very sad news :(

  • Oh, sad news :(

  • Forgive the formatting this was done on a mobile phone.

    Does anyone have a laptop with wifi he can borrow? We think there is a network in the hospital.

  • Rooting for ya, big man


  • Get well soon Fiddy....

  • Bugger.. Such a lovely guy, really shit news.

    All the best Paul!

  • Shit, I knew he was ill but this....

    All the best Paul


  • that is fucking awful. DJ, PM on the way about laptop.

    I'm glad Macmillan are looking after him..they are the best.

    Is there anything we can do right now?

  • Fuck - all the best Fiddy, a true legend

  • Fuck, really really sad news, all the best Fiddy.

  • Shit, I have no idea what to say.

    Take care Fiddy, all the best x

  • Right now most things are covered

    there may be requests for quality foodstuffs

    until the palliative experts give advice regarding visits etc we will not know how best to organise this

    please be patient re visits etc

    will try to do regular updates as to how things are going

    just heard we might need someone to paint his room at fruitbats flat

  • Shit, that's really sad news. So, so sad.

  • Put me down for painting as long as the timing works.

  • Shit... Horrible news.

    Love and positive thoughts to Paul.

  • Anything I can do to help... It goes without saying.

  • Have PM'd pigfarmer re: visits but probably should ask, anything the big man wants brought in for him?

    I'll also put forward my services for painting as long as timing works out

  • Oh my God. What awful news. Paul is one of the strongest-willed people I know, there is no doubt. If anyone can make a good fist of this, it's him, but this sounds bad.

    All the very best, Paul.

  • Been thinking about you, Paul... Will get in to see you over the next few days... Keep yer pecker up... x

  • fuck…

    one of the good ones is fiddy

    DJ - if clefty's offer of the laptop doesn't work out I've got a mac laptop he can borrow

  • Sad news indeed. Please pass on my best wishes and I'll be along soon to visit x

    Thanks for letting us know James.

  • Get well soon Paul.
    love Tika

  • Thanks for letting us know DJ, it couldn't have been a pleasant thread to start.

    Please pass on my best wishes to Paul, although hopefully he can read them himself shortly. I'll be thinking of him over the next few days.

  • That's horrible news, get well soon Paul, i'll defintely be popping by to visit as soon as I can, and if you still need someone to help with the painting give me a shout.

    All the best dude.

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50/14 Paul Roantree

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