Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • Thanks, yeah definitely a bit strange, looking at it seems the 49 is closest to a small in most frames but I would probably go with a 53, is toe overlap any issue with the 49?

  • I got toe overlap on the 56cm.

  • I dont have issues with toe overlap, but it does have toe overlap. All smal bikes with normal "road bike" geometry and 700c wheels will have toe overlap.

  • ah ok thats good to know

  • If you clear the top tube standing over the 53 cm I don´t think that would be a bad choice. You can probably get the 49 cm to work as well, but the 53 cm might be a more comfortable fit. If you want a really agressive position with drops, the 49 cm might be a better option, but who want to do that anyway?

  • True haha I think comfort is the priority as I'd like something that I could use for longer rides, wasn't planning on drops either really but the option would be nice.

  • There is a lot of personal perference and stemlength and seatpost/seat position is a big factor, but 53 cm does not seem like a bad choice.

  • Single speeders, what's the biggest 700c tyre size you've managed to get under a caliper on the rear? I need to keep playing with chain lengths and gear combo's but so far i'm maxing out at 32 before the tyre rubs the (TRP) caliper.

  • Fixed but pretty sure this was 35s and 45mm guards

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  • Weekend mud fest

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  • Is anyone looking to shift a 62?

  • 30mm Tires, 41mm Fenders (Diacompe F 35), plenty of space

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  • Before i do an add is anyone interested in a Mash fork with caliper and canti mounts? Very similar atc and rake as a Surly fork but with a bit more clearance and obviously more braking options. I picked it up for a project that didn't happen, trial fitted to my Steamroller but never rode it anywhere. Being an impatient idiot i cut the steerer to 190mm before concluding i don't want 2 forks for the same bike. Might be able to do a 56 if you ran it slammed with a low stack stem but more suited to a 53 or under. Would like £90.

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  • @ginllfixit might be, he's building a steel fixed and wants a straight nice fork

    Edit: his bike will be too big, ignore me

  • Poo brown roller rolling nicely

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  • Dynamo lights added. For winter use, but I know myself too well, will propably stay this way year around

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  • Nice having a fit and forget set up

  • Never having to worry about lights is v nice.

  • ... I had a Steamroller once

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  • Where the hell have you been? It’s been too long

  • Started dating exclusively which led to an engagement and marriage... Haven't stopped riding tho

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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