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  • First pass in commuter setup. Bit too flashy for a lock up and I need to sort the rack but it’s an absolute joy to ride.

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  • Standard/Mid reach brake caliper people... Did i dream it or is there a cheaper but same as the TRP 957 made by Tektro or someone similar? The R539 looks similar but a lot cheaper (price and quality).

    I have a pair of silver BR450 that i'd like to swap for something black if anyone has anything going.

  • Max mudguard size? Pdw 45mm

  • Very much enjoying my steamroller build but do sort of wish I bought a 59cm frameset

    If anyone has a 59 looking to size down to a 56 hit me up

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  • Been a minute since this post but curious what fork you got here ha

  • I recently got what is now MY Steamroller from this very forum and a bargain it was too! The chain is off I'm awaiting the arrival of a new bb bearing. I love this bike it's become my favourite fixed gear bike of the four I have!

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  • I've still got that bike and I'm still loving it - it's probably the longest I've owned any bike.

    It's a Van Nicholas VNT SLX disc fork.

  • An expensive way to break up the maroon but I like em. Thoughts?

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  • What’s the steamroller market like these days?
    Got a 56cm monkey butt red that I just pulled out of storage. I can’t decide whether I should sell it or reimagine it in a new light lol..
    After giving it an oil and a ride round the block I’d forgotten how much fun it is but doesn’t really fit my needs at the mo :/

  • Well I’ve asked for a value on the appropriate thread but for those interested or who’ve contacted me here’s a few pics and parts list.
    If anyone on here wants to hazard a guess at a value then cool. Would rather not split but obvs that’s where the best money is.

    Not desperate to sell but feel free to convince me otherwise ;)

    Parts as follows:
    -F&f surly steamroller 56cm, paint/decals 9/10, self adhesive cable guides added, Ritchey headset
    -Sugino cranks 165, 49t ring, can’t remember model
    -Dmr V6 pedals
    -Tiagra brakes and levers, Salsa chromo stem, XLC risers, odi grips
    -Varno/V-sprint wheels, brake tracks v good, Quando hubs spin fast and true
    -Conti sport contact tyres 35c
    -Charge saddle, bonti post

    Well aware it’s not dripping in flash parts but it’s done less than 300miles since I built it I reckon. It’s a lovely ride but not the kinda riding I do now…

    I’d be open to a trade for a well spec’d old steel mtb for theoretical gravel adventures. Pref with plenty of mounts lol.

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  • Hi guys, coming back to a common question in this thread, for a fast convertion to a front disc brake on the steam roller, what would be better, the Disc trucker 26" fork or the Straggler 650b fork?

  • Disc trucker 26, straggler 650b will work fine. But will slightly slog out the handling. The disc trucker 26 is so close that you may not notice the handling change. Which for me felt a bit slower than stock. And maybe slower isn’t the right word. “Heavier” steering from both forks, but much more noticeable on the Straggler fork.

  • working on a 650b setup. this is just a test wheel but will have dynamo and same carbon rims with brake track.

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  • This looks like it's going to be ridiculously awesome. Fixed gear or SS?

  • Any 56cm framesets going about? Or one size up from that

  • SS using a modified Tune Mag 170 rear hub. Still waiting for that bit to get in then I’ll build the wheels. Also ordered some carbon mudguards from Velo Duo for winter. Excited to give those a go.

  • My 1st Steamroller build. 650b version with 47 Horizons, but not tubeless yet. Just waiting for another chain and handlebar plugs.

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  • v good. whats the fork?

  • Really good. Steamrollers look so much better in bigger sizes!

  • Hey! Could you post your parts list for this (beautiful) build?! I'm looking to do something similar for a year-round commuter in Minneapolis.

    Cheers! 🖖

  • Will do that when the final built is ready (hopefully by end of this week, just waiting for some parts)

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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