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  • I'm using the Shimano R650, managed to get a pair off Ebay for £60.
    No complains with them so far.

  • Shot in the dark here, but does anyone have steamroller decals they are not using to give away/sell?
    I've recently repainted my bike and would like just the 'Surly' fork decal and the toptube 'Steamroller' decal.
    Thought I'd ask here before buying an entire pack.

  • Here's what my Dad Roller is looking like these days...

    Changes are:
    Nitto stem and Bosco bars
    Nitto s65 seatpost
    Rear wheel is SA 3-speed hub with H+Son rim
    Panaracer Paselas 35c tyres (clearance is TIGHT!)

    Adapter in stem stack is for the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini front child seat.

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  • Does anyone know when Surly switched the Steamroller from 1” threaded to 1-1/8 threadless?

  • 2004, they have all their old catalogs online:­s

  • 💫
    This is the 'roller @Maj

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  • Very keen on pulling the trigger on a steamroller but having a mare trying to figure out best size between a 56 and 59.

    Anyone know of anywhere in London with any stock built up to have a look? Not found any on my searches

  • Brixton cycles usually have a range of Surlys on display, might be worth trying them

  • Cheers will try, just seems too low and long to work

  • How did I miss this, looks ace

  • My steamroller has just passed 25,000 miles, now becoming my bike with the highest mileage, overtaking my fixed crosscheck.

    I’ve ridden this bike home on the south coast from Glasgow via places like Cardiff and London. It’s the bike I’ve done my biggest ride on, 152 miles, Glasgow to Newcastle (10,000 feet of climbing)

    It’s currently built with goldtec hubs, 75s, thomson finish kit. Front wheel rim need replacing asap. I’m currently riding as brakeless as I can because the rim is so concaved. Adding PDW Fenders a couple of years ago was a wet weather revelation.

    It’s future isn’t certain unfortunately, all my other bike run fatter rubber these days and my winter bike needs to go the same way, but for now I’ve still got at least 3 sets of 28mm tires to use up so it’s safe for another year I should think.

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  • Anyone know of a decent canti/ v-brake fork for a steamroller?
    Been thinking of grabbing one for a while as my frame has rear mounts from a previous owner and the front calliper’s holding me back in tyre clearance for the off road riding I’m doing.

    Also considering having some canti studs brazed onto my fork but would be interested to see what people think.

    Pics for context and attention

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  • Brother all-day might work?

  • I think people tend to use a 26” long haul trucker fork on there rollers if they want canti’s or a disc upfront.

  • Spotted this on the Surly website, looks like 650b x 47's with long drop calipers.

    Looks fun.

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  • Any interest in a 2018 steamroller in grey, would like to sell as one but could part out if there's interest in most parts, it's a 53cm by the way

  • What's the price complete?

  • Good price - any photo's/spec?

  • I'll put a pic up tommrow, I'm the original owner and bought from triton in June 2018, rough spec is
    Primato hubs on open Pro rims(the grey Ceramic coated one's) halo 17t fixed cog
    Andel track cranks with gbt ring 46t (I think)
    Griffo 33c tyres (Knobbly)
    Carbon monkey bars, quite ratty and cut down a bit
    Miche long drop brakes
    Those cnc super light brake levers off aliexprss
    Izumi chain
    Wheels are slightly out of true, hubs are smooth as are the cranks as all this was fitted and not used much, paint work is a bit patchy from rubbing with bags, guards etc, taken off headbadge and it's gradually destickerd itself
    It will either have a Thompson post and stem or a carbon post, planet x stem, not sure which to keep yet

  • Sounds fair.

    I have a Steamroller at the other end of the size scale to sell if anyone is tall and keen. Can do a similar price. Nice parts. Think I posted a pic of it on this thread not too long ago.

    Edit: oh, it's further up this page if you have the same ignore list as me 😅

  • Yep yours looks similar to mine but bigger, think there tricky to price

  • Crosscheck fork is slightly longer but makes it easier to fit guards with bigger tyres.

  • Looking at this as an option myself, does the a-c throw off the steering or geo too much as this is the only worry stopping me pulling the trigger on one

  • I used both Steamy and crosscheck forks on my Pomp and didn’t really notice much of a difference.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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