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  • I just got a tektro r737 to fit my steamroller fork, it was £45 for f+r from spa. It seems quite a jump up from r559/r539s with some kool stop pads in. It's a decent brake I think. Condor will even try to sell you a rebranded version for 60 quid.

    Haven't tried the shimano r650 which is the other deep drop people seem to like, not easy to get hold of these days.

  • A couple of pics of my ‘roller.

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  • Anyone fitted the Velo Orange 45mm (hammered) mudguards onto their Steamroller? I'm considering doing this but checking if they fit along with 35c tyres as advertised.­ers/products/vo-45mm-hammered-polished-f­enders-700c

  • I’d be very surprised, I’ve got 37mm PDW on my roller and the clearance is very tight, apparently the Max tyre size on those in 30mm. I run 28mm.

  • I have the 35mm VO hammered guards on mine. I doubt you'd get 45mm ones to fit.

  • Thanks for the replies. I really want to run 35c Panaracer Paselas so guess that is a no go.
    Can't seem to find the 35mm hammered mudguards that you speak of @Aroogah. Would consider these for another bike with 28c tyres.

  • Yeah. Fresh Tripe don't seem to have them any more. Probably due to Brexit / Covid. They are not hugely dissimilar to these Honjo guards which are in stock.­h-mudguards-700-x-35mm/

  • Those Honjos look nice, thanks!

    Have also seen these 38mm VO ones which come in Black...­c-x-38mm-smooth-mudguards/
    Need to check if they'll fit on my touring/commuting King of Mercia with 28c tyres, but I imagine they'd be very tight or impossible on a Steamroller if @HousecatHST had trouble with the 37mm PDW.

  • Rebuilt the old beanroller

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  • Is the chainstay bent or is it a trick of the light?

  • I think Surly call it 'curved' but same thing I guess

  • What’s the going price for a steamroller these days? Got a 56 in monkey butt red I’ve not ridden in a year, might be time to part with it.
    Will drag it out of storage for some pics but aside from slightly scratched decals and the odd lockup scuff it’s perfect...

    This pic is from when I first built it so will be sure to get up to date ones ASAP if there’s any interest. Basket/tyres won’t be included in sale, currently got Conti Sport Contacts on there which are far superior to the bonjons anyway .

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  • Hi I'm looking for a 56 steamroller if you are interested in selling. There is a 53 in the classifieds section selling for £500 if that's a helpful guide price!

  • Soma rush is with quilled stem

  • Added front rack. Canti studs have been added by previous owner who also stripped the paint and added few layers of clear coat.

  • Canti studs have been added by previous owner

    Oh, interesting, are you running a full size v brake, or mini v ? would like to do that to mine.

    my rollers just passed 20k miles and could do with a bit of TLC.

  • Nice! Any idea where they had the braze ons done? I'm thinking more and more about getting front disc brake tabs, but I want someone decent that will also do any required strengthening if needed

  • It's Tektro Mini V, maybe RX-6, seems to be quite powerful and has decent clearance even for 38mm tire (now running 30mm), but it's more like an emergency brake in my use.

  • If the info is correct it was mankkis in Turku, Finland. I've seen many installing Straggler 650b forks that seem to have pretty much the same axle to crown measurement.

  • Sorry for the stupid question, looking at mine I have 700 wheels and normal brakes calipers, why did you go long drop?

  • Looking sweeeet.

    @lynx Tyre clearance mainly, the blocks themselves are about midway down so normal reach would be fine. But these calipers have lots of clearance.

  • looks great. what's that stem?

  • Thx! It's by Schindelhauer. For some reason mine came without a hole in the faceplate and the logo is unfortunately laser etched, but taking off the paint helped a lot.

  • Ah cool. Was wondering as I need new brake callipers for mine.

    What brake callipers are people running on their bikes.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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