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  • appreciate it !

  • Hey fellow steamrollers, I've got a question about fitting the pelago front rack.
    The rack ends are much wider than the forks, leaving a big gap. I solved the problem by putting a spacer in between the fork ends and the rack ends, but I've been told that its highly unsafe.

    How did the rest of you fit the rack on safely? Or am I just missing something?

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  • Just from the Surly site seems to be Top Tube 590 and Seat Tube 587. Don't think the geometry has changed at all over the years..

  • Bb to seat rail in the picture is 74cm
    TT c-c is 56.5

  • My new (second-hand) daily commuter ride. Love it!

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  • Lovely! What tyres are those? I ordered some 35c Panaracer Paselas which arrived today but I haven't fitted them yet... Bit nervous about clearance.

  • What tyres are those?

    35c Panaracer Paselas!

    I did have to do some adjustment of the Tektro brake, because when I came up off the saddle to pump up a hill, the top of the front tyre started to rub against the calipers. It's fine now.

  • Only fitted this rack to mounts, but have you tried attaching the mounting plate to the inside of the leg, then fitting this inside the fork? Assuming you have enough axle, it just means your fork will need springing out slightly.

  • Excellent! Good to know it can be done.

  • Here’s a couple photos of my steamroller in it’s current configuration. @sneakyniky you can see how I got the rack on here no spacer needed but did take a edge off the mount so it doesn’t rub the fork.

    Surly Steamroller 55cm
    H+Son Archetype to Formula hubs
    Thomson x4 stem
    Pelago Large Rack
    Thomson Elite layback seatpost
    Selle Italia Turbo
    Nitto for shred bars 750mm
    Ergon GE1
    KMC x101 chain
    MKS Sylvan Stream Pedals
    Restrap Diagonal Straps
    Gravelking sk 32c

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  • that is lovely

  • Very Nice.
    I was looking to get a Pelago Rasket for my Steamroller and saw that it comes with multiple mounts, including one with a more curved end which seems like it would fit better with the fork and axle.
    I've also got some of these Tubus clamps which are more heavy duty than standard P-clips:­ks/14mm-tubus-clamp-set-rack-eyes-for-se­at-stay-mounting/

  • They do look quite sturdy I must say, luckily I haven’t had any issues with mounting my rack like this, it’s surprisingly easy to take on and off now. But I will say that the way I’ve mounted the arms to the bit that goes over the axel for me anyway was the only way to get the rack to fit nice and flat.

    @zmjones_ cheers!!

  • Love it, always wanted some todestrieb’s, rarely see them on bikes and seem impossible to find now

  • Didn’t realise there was a Steamroller archive here and I’m not one to turn down another opportunity to post another picture of mine somewhere.

    Most current setup with a carbon fork! Next step will be getting a new disc hub and tyres for my 650b wheel set as well.

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  • Here’s mine with a Pelago rack attached direct to the axle. It still needs diff bars, stem and rear wheel.

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  • hi, where is that photo taken please? looks familiar...

  • St James Street park in Walthamstow.

  • Yeah proper hen’s teeth aren’t they?! Just got them back built on Phil wood pros, fucking lovely. Popped it in the current projects thread

  • All finished I reckon

    Final spec:
    Steamroller 59cm frame
    All city big block fork
    Phil wood pro hubs laced to hplusson todestrieb with gravelking sk (32 front 35 rear)
    Sugino 75s and 55t zen
    Izumi super toughness
    Chris king nothreadset
    Deda crononero tt base bar 420m
    Thomson x4 zero degree stem
    Thomson masterpiece 240mm layback seatpost
    max flite saddle
    Dmr v12 and ynot straps
    Basil Portland rack

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  • Really lovely build!

    The amount of variation in the builds of the SS, as seen on this forum, never ceases to amaze me.

  • Cheers bud!

    I know right, just scrolling through these pages they can look so different and so individually dialled in to what someone needs!

  • That Surly magic.

  • Rear brake added to boost my confidence on first time trail.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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