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  • I have a couple Steamy forks and I need a disc fork. Normally I’d sell the steamy forks and buy something with a disc tab but I’m not wanting to make post office trips during lockdown so think I might just graze a disc tab to one of the Steamy forks. I have a long tang one that I think will be enough to stop the leg from collapsing.

    I think there’s a few people have already done this right? Sure there’s a cream roller that’s had a disc tab put on the stock fork.

  • Ye there's a couple on pedalroom, not too hard to find. There was some discussion about this a while back in this thread. One of the bikes with a disc tab added to the fork did some loaded touring so it seems fairly safe.

  • Yeah, they are definitely not at the cutting edge of lightweight forks so I figure they are probably meaty enough to deal with it.

  • Itll be fine.

  • So, had my roller now for two years and it's been my main bike. Had plenty of time recently and been doing exactly the same ride over and over, it's half gravel half tarmac. Was really liking it on the gravel, it felt fast, stable and shore footed, a changed a few things on these back to back rides and noticed things and was wondering if anyone else has. Firstly added a rack to carry stuff, noticed this made the ride very harsh as the rack literally braced the fork and took all the give away, removed the rack all good again. Next wanted to lighten it, fitted a carbon fork and 28c tyre, 45mm rake, 400g lighter, off I went and it was crap on the gravel at any speed, felt like I was over the bars and just twitchy, so I've decided to ride it as surly intended but had in my mind to fit a 26' lht disc fork, but now thinking it will be just another shit so called upgrade, I know people have done it, what peoples thoughts

  • Get a 650b straggler fork instead, will be less "tourer" so hopefully not too dull. I had a steamroller with a low trail thorn fork and, while I loved it, it handled floppy and a bit weird.

  • I agree with @alialias. I've got a 650b straggler fork on mine and love the way it rides

  • Just can't decide if I'm trying to make the bike something it doesn't need to be, it rides how I like and spending £200 upwards to have a disc will probably be another mistake. I could get a good rim brake and nice wheels for that.... Hmmm

  • Standard fork, wheel upgrade and 38s I reckon, then start wondering about disc in autumn

  • Yeah, think that's the way to go, as surly intended :-)

  • Here's the beast at the moment, really needs some robust silver wheels I reckon

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  • Lolz

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  • So I'm on a steamroller disc brake quest and have found a fork that looks pretty good. OK price and has all the gubbins I want - but the specs are a little different to the stock SS fork. Am I right in thinking this is going to make the trail slacker? And also too much slacker?

    Axel to crown
    New fork - 398 mm
    SS - 375 mm

    New fork - 50mm
    SS - 38mm

  • It'll slacken things off by ~1deg, bump your wheelbase up ~20mm and reduce your trail by ~6mm.

  • Interesting. Thanks for the info - so what in theory might that do to the handling?

  • Strongly considering picking up a steamroller frameset to build up as 'do everything' bike and was wondering if anyone here can give some advice on the sizing. I'm 6'5 so was thinking that the biggest size will probably be the best bet but wanted to see if there's anyone around my height who has one and can shed some light

  • I'm 6'2" and ride the 59 - it's fine though I find it a bit of a stretch as the top tube is so long. But ok fit otherwise - if I got another surly I would be keen to drop down a size. This may be more a reflection of my flexibility and proportions though!

  • The 60cm precursa I'm using at the moment feels pretty long but whilst they both have the same top tube length, the steamroller has 24mm shorter reach and 18mm taller stack which should give a more upright riding position if I'm not mistaken. I have no idea how noticeable those differences will be though as I've not got anything to compare with

  • Hi there!
    Recently took the plunge and purchased myself a steamroller. Haven't ridden fixed for a long time and am proper stoked to be back at it:

    Surly Steamroller lilac purple 59cm
    Exal ml21 laced to ambrosia rear hub 36h
    Scwalbe marathon 32
    Deore front hub laced to Mavic a319
    Continental cyclo-cross 35
    18t rear cog
    44t profile BMX chainring
    Some sort of 5arm Shimano touring cranks
    Kmc z chain (the best)
    Nukeproof sealed pedals, restrap straps
    Tektro r369 f and rear
    Diacomp dirty Harry levers
    Rental riser bars
    Brand x stem 80mm
    Shit loads of unfashionable spacers
    Lezne power cage
    Alpha components lock on grips
    On one inbred seatpost
    Brooks b17

    I get the feeling my gearing is much lighter than most but it's bastard hilly round here. Rocking two brakes for exactly the same reason. Needs a front rack as well... Anyone got any recommendations that won't break the bank?
    Power cage

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  • Oh yo! Haha sick, im so down with this. Mind if i post on my instagram? Whats your username if your on there

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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