Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • Are you based in London? I might be tempted to jump in on an omnium order to go full disk alu/steel wackiness on my dolan. Alternatively I might be tempted to buy your steamroller fork off you if you were interested in such a deal

  • I've gone the custom route, the exchange rate is so fucking bad, thank you Tories. Currently suffering from buyer's guilt.

    But I will be getting an Orlowski fork so that is a win. Doubt there are many Steamrollers out there with one. I have the piss-coloured Steamroller so thinking of getting it powder-coated something better when I get the fork. Orange probably.

  • Not unfortunately, it looks like a nice bit a kit but I went with Orlowski and currently wincing at what I have just paid. Will sack off the expensive winter coat in lieu.

    I have an unfitted 700c Straggler fork and will have a Steamroller fork available for cheaps when the custom one arrives if either are required.

  • Good choice imo, looking forward to seeing it

    Will send pm re other forks

  • Found disc forks on ebay 377.1 ac and 45mm rake £80 posted, anyone used/heard of this company?

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  • If anyone does want an Omnium CXC fork they have sent me a link:­tight-clearance-fork/

    I reckon that is a serious bargain. Would be interested to see what they look like on a Roller

  • @Jay242 in reply to @Shannonball

    wow, that looks nice, I have a surly pacer in british racing green

    how much was the respray plus eyelets please? I have an ice cream roller frame project

    'Bout £140-150

  • I saw it and it's not a steamroller anymore 😀
    I go to a guy who build custom steel bikes and he can give me more eyelets than a world Troller and disc brake mounts if I want.
    I'm sure someone is out there in the U.K. as well.

  • Someone interested in a 56 surly steamroller frame with custom mid fork eyelets steamroller fork incl Sram s300 crank? ☺ PM

  • Yes please!How much?

  • Pm

  • Does anyone have experience with the 45mm PDW guards and long drop calipers?

    I just put 32c's on my roller and my current PDWs are rubbing - but they are also already bent to allow for the calipers closing fully. Wondering if bigger guards would even fit??

    Or anyone tried the Kinesis Fend Off? These look really nice and half the price of PDW..

  • I've managed this on a steamroller though not with the stock fork. 45mm sks guards and 32mm (poss 35 actually) gravelkings. It was a thorn audax fork. I think

  • My commuter/gravel/bike-packing build:

    Although currently it's running 32s and full guards for winter's finest. Easily my favourite bike to be on.

  • Hmm, thanks for the intel - sort of need to know based on stock fork.

    I suppose something like the Paul Racer brake might be necessary to get that extra clearance around calliper. Damn wish I just had disc brakes!

  • Looks nice, noticed any difference in handling with the fork swap? Also is that a 53 or 56cm? Sorry for the questions but trying to decide to either do this or get a crosscheck,, ta

  • My pals got a steamroller with a cdf disc fork and it rides pretty much the same.

    Would recommend

  • I didn't ride it with the roller fork. But running a straggler 650b fork and it rides well. If anything, the longer fork making the front end slightly slacker benefits me going down steep descents, vs when I used to ride a pompino and it felt like you could tip over the bars on the steep stuff.

    It's a 56 and I'm 187cm if that's any help?

  • Gravels too easy, mud plugging ploughed fields is where it's at :)

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  • Maybe I should have put the 35mm tyres on today

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  • Heard from the shop: my 650b wheels are finished. Still waiting on the fork from Orlowski, they said 5-6 weeks and the order was placed mid-October. So to tyres: I have been running Gravelkings and you can get 650s in 45s, or I was looking at Byways in 47mm, but I seem to remember I read somewhere if you are going to run mudguards max tyre size is 45, anyone advise?

    Also to that end, advice on mudguards? Velo Orange seem to be the best option.

  • Anyone looking to part with a 56cm frame? There was one in brick lane bikes last week but i had to sell a couple of frames first and now it's gone :/

  • Idle curiosity time.

    About 2 years back i had a chop at 10 mile Time Trial. Hit my target of a sub 30min 10miler.

    First run bike was 10.3kg
    Second run bike was 8.9kg
    28mm tyres and 42x16 SS gearing.

    I reckoned i could drop to 8.5kg with new stem and brake levers, maybe less with a ruthless approach to trimming everything down and ultra light tubes/tyres.
    If i get a new front wheel from the road side of things i can drop under 8kg.
    Beyond that it gets spendy. New wheels/tyres maybe calipers, carbon fork etc etc, chase all the grams and 7kg ?

    I know if you want light weight don't get a Surly :)

    Mine must be around the 11kg mark right now as has saddle pack/mudguards/pump/bottle cage and 16t freewheel and 15t fixed sprocket attached.
    Come spring mines going on a diet for summer.

    Anyone wanna share estimated or real weight of your Rollers ? :)

  • Weight isn't going to gain you much time I think. Cheapest gains are in training! Then you could try making a DIY rear wheel cover? And/or aero extensions.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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