Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • my steamroller, its ace and they are perfect for polo bikes

  • I will soon. I can't be bothered to take a picture though (and I was supposed to be a photographer!)

    step your game up crowisf haha see you soon

  • my LBS today told me frame would be in 21st. Mounting excitement...

    It's currently in the little bright orange container, top right...

  • i will mourn the loss of my thread with a vigil of a certain someone's bike...

  • velo, why has the thread been lost?

    btw, what are the differences between the cross check frame and the steam roller? exc rear mech hanger etc, is there much difference?

  • don't let it die now. I'm supposed to be getting my frame tomorrow...

  • uh well, i'm pretty sure you can find out for yourself.


    the similarities, they both take 700c wheels, they are both made from 4130. uhhhh...

    roller is a track/road frame, cross check is unsuprisingly a cyclocross frame. so xcheck has slacker angles for slower steering, more fork rake, and weighs more as is designed for taking more hits, has braze on's for canti's or v brakes, more tyre clearance, mudguard eyelets, shifter mounts, and 132.5mm spacing for 130 or 135mm spaced hubs.

  • Huge differences. I just looked too and the only difference I could see was the Cross Check has a bunch of braze ons. So, I'll be dim then...

  • hey velo, thanks, i have the x check and was just curious. you are right, i probably could have just looked on the surly site but its not that obvs, really the ride, angles etc i was curious about

  • in the bottle cage... is that a WMD?

    (really trying to keep your thread breathing here Velo.

  • basket case...

  • haha thanks, i love the basket, where'd you get the pic from?

  • Just Googled "Surly Steamroller" with the image tab selected and thousands of the blighters turn up. Hours of fun.

  • apparently I've been really slack and have still not uploaded a pic of mine onto here. sorry about that. i'm off work now for Christmas so will have plenty of time to bore you all with my surly.

    the thread lives.

  • wow that green steamroller is gorgeous!

  • brown saddle (B17?) with black frame, unsure....

    (this thread will survive)

  • Brown on Black looks good methinks

  • I sold a brown steamroller to voidcore on here - did it go to a good home? Think he was going to use it for polo.

    Agreed the black and brown ones look better than the off white ones.

  • This is my other Surly, the one I use every day. It now has an aged Brooks saddle, though. I bought this one as a frame from Cake, and the black one above is built on a frame I bought from Socialamnesia. It's possible they have a history that goes back further, but I've never asked.

  • Absolutely perfect but the burberry kills it for me i'm afraid! Other than that its spot on

  • Absolutely perfect but the burberry kills it for me i'm afraid! Other than that its spot on

    Thanks, Edmundro. You must have read my mind as I do have some cable clips ordered. The Burberry pad was a good at concealing the crappy plastic cable ties I have been using for the back brake cable, but it must go!

  • Sharkstar do you work on a road that will now remain unnamed near my work? I often see a bike just like yours on my lunch time walks (I'm not an old man, even though that makes it sound like I am).

  • The best Surly I've seen is this;

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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