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  • Front racks - Any that fit the roller as it doesn't have any info on the Surly page (doesn't seem to fit any of their racks?)

    As long as you have a front wheel with a solid axle and nuts:

    Cetma of either variety (oldschool that mounts to the bars, or newer that mounts to the brake hole) should work fine, I have the former and it's great.

    Mash just released a rack pretty similar to the newer Cetma.

    Soma Porteur has a way to mount with axle mounts, though you'll have to P clamp the mid-fork mounts.

    Both those mount to the axle for the struts and are pretty sturdy. Alternatively, you can fit most anything with P clamps around the fork legs, though you'll get a slight bit more movement in the rack with this mounting method.

  • Mine is still up for grabs.

  • The Pelago Commuter front rack comes with mounting plates for axle and brake hole.
    It's a seriously good bit of kit.
    For even more functionality you might want to check out their "Rasket" as well.

  • For even more functionality you might want to check out their "Rasket" as well.

    That's pretty clever, I have to admit.

  • I actually ordered one of these last week after doing some research on here! Any experience with how long they take to deliver to the UK? Ive not really had any kind of info of them since i ordered

  • My GF has one on her commuter/tourer. It works really well.
    If I didn't already have a commuter rack, that's what I would get.

    @Snuggah - I have no idea about their delivery time. I bought locally here in Denmark.
    Have you tried writing their customer service? I remember them getting back to me pretty quickly through facebook.

  • I know a bunch of you guys have got the Pelago commuter front rack, could you give me a head sup as to whether or not i'm going to die riding this? The instructions are super sketchy and with the quick release bolt on the Steamroller I'm not 100% convinced i've got this right?

    It feels relatively solid but I dunno how i feel about the dropouts just relying on straight tightness to be held in. Am i doing something wrong or is this as it's supposed to look? Any advice appreciated. Cheers guys

    *ignore the super loose nuts on the actual rack, i've not tightened it all up yet, just a bit worried about the dropouts

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  • that looks correct, im also using pelago rack every day and can recommend it.

  • cheers dude, feels solid so far and looks really nice. I spoke to a guy in a bike shop at lunch and he recommended putting the fitting bracket on the inside of the wheel hub bolts instead of the outside? I'm just conscious that the nut doesnt sit within the little lip of the dropout eyelets anymore (can kinda see what i mean in the second picture)

  • Finally dissolved the seatpost out and got the old 'Roller back together.

  • Cheers man.

    Probably gonna put a #forumfavorite no-setback post + flite combo on it in the near future to make it feel less stretched out, and toss a front fender on, but this was my favorite bike and it's good to have it back.

  • Few changes. Still in love, roller makes every day a fun day :)

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  • Just pressed the button for a steamroller 53cm in grey, now the wait!

  • 10 years old and still going strong. Third wheel set, new chain set, second Carradice bag, resprayed and cable guides/mudguard eyelets added at the same time, 3 BB replacements, etc. Has been my go-to commuter bike and seen action on training rides, club runs and some events (time trial and audax) when my other rides have been out of commission. Absolutely love it.

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  • That's rad, it's wearing 10 years of riding very well indeed!

  • HHSSR attempt. :)

    So hip I won't even ride it round the block.

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  • lefty fork from a bod boy fits well on the steamroller and has clearance for 35c tyres

  • surlefty

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  • **

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  • Looks good!

    Did you do anything to treat/protect the frame? I saw this on the Surly site­ew_care_and_feeding_of_your_steel_frame

  • yep faced headtube and bb and have used steel frame protector on all my surlys

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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