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  • Couldn't you just shrink a bit and use the 53?

    Honestly, why do people always do things in such complicated ways?

  • How big are those bad boys!? (tires)

    How did you fit them into the bike?

  • Ahaa, not such big wheels. How does it ride and what do you use it for?

  • just for cruising around, the bb is a bit too low for anything technical

    with the stock fork it feels like a slow touring bike, I currently have a longer mtb fork installed that feels alright

  • 650b roller from mr_shredward's gram­

  • That is brilliant. I am astonished that he fitted 42mm tyres with mudguards.

  • Saddle height issues though:­

  • Not according to the Grant Pedersen school of bike fit. And IMO it fits with the overall aesthetic of his builds.

  • Surely that leg is overextended?

  • Surly that leg is overextended?

    ftfy ;)

    but yea, it does look like it. Maybe thats his thing though, cuz it looks like even more slammage of the seatpost is possible in the first pic.

  • Not so sure. It looks like they're coasting in the picture and he might just be stretching.

  • Hello. I picked up a 2nd hand but never built up Steamroller frame, and finally got it built up just before Christmas. I work away in Africa a lot but have recently spent a great 4 weeks at home in France riding around on it. Never ridden fixed before but ride SS MTB for several years including when I lived in Sheffield. Planning to ride Chilkoot's Born to Ride 1100km event on it in June which goes down the Atalntic coast from Brittany down to Spain.

    Has any one experience of fitting 45mm guards and 32mm tryes to a steamroller. Brittany is well known for being wet...

  • Your picture doesn't work :)

    Haven't tried that combination, but based on what other people have squeezed in there, my guess is it'd definitely fit.

  • Ok thanks. Struggling with tech here in Mali what with patchy internet and corporate blocking on image sharing sites etc. Maybe one day I will get a photo of my newest friend up!


  • I've had 32mm with sks guards, they do fit but it's tighter than I'd like. Would recommend slightly narrower.

  • Right I've hard the rear move in the track end twice now, does anyone else run the Surly hubs with the weird alan key track nuts? I just wonder whether they have a reputation for not gripping that well. I was just pulling away both times, the latest time I had a bus on my left, car on my right and cyclists behind filtering up. Fortunately all stopped and allowed me to get my bike to side of the road.

    Also hoping to have a disc fork soon.

  • I hate those Allen key hubs. Never feels like you can crank them tight like you can with track nuts. Track nuts with a chaintug ftw. had a wheel move on a climb once only noticed on decsent nearly had a nasty crash.*


  • Went out for a minitour this weekend.

    and some bad roads maked me think..

  • Ok got the Straggler fork finally. Had bid on one, was outbid at £86 and thought winning plus postage would push it out past £100 so not much of a saving when I have a holiday coming up. Very next day a brand new uncut one pops up for £85 buy it now and free postage. £35 saving over websites new so went for it. Got it today and sizing it up and I knew the geo wasn’t the same but by eye it’s looks half an inch longer.

    Makes me a little wary so wondering Roller owners with Straggler forks how does it affect geo and handling? I enjoy the ride as is but want disc brake at the front and better clearance on the 35 tyre.

    I also like a horizontal top tube.

  • I had a 700c disc trucker for which isn't too far off (DT is 5mm lower trail and half a degree tighter than straggler). Rode fine, bit slow and swoopy in the corners. Here's the geo change from the stock steamroller fork to straggler 700 with a 32c tyre

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    • roller_straggler.JPG
  • My Steamroller setup for Dirty Reiver a few weeks ago

  • what frame bag is that?

  • Its a custom bag made by a guy based in edinburgh, his insta is here, measured it a bit bigger than my Restrap (large) and I can fit so much more stuff in it.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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