Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • Though actually that's obviously not a Steamroller fork as it has disc mounts, but Steamrollers with discs are the best.

  • how many shiny tokens of which currency tom? xxx aus berlin

  • After £30 plus shipping. And it's not light so shipping might be expensive.

    I've found PMs I had from the last time I posted about it though so I need to check if they're still interested first.

  • good price, just asked to help you get interest. I'm not interested though, im still on rim brake 4 life. that dbad thread really spoke to me.

  • a couple pics from my solution to the issue discussed a few pages back. Tektro R539 brakes with the pad spacers on the outside, meaning the clearance increases by 1-2mm as the brake arms have to be marginally closer to the rim (was rubbing) with 38c Halo TwinRail tyres (and minoura Gamoh rack)

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  • Is that the fork we pm'd about? It slipped my mind as well...

  • I thought I remembered you messaging me as well but I couldn't find the PM so I thought it must have been something else.

    If you're still interested then message me again, I've had some interest from other people who'd need postage but I was going to see if there was someone who could collect, but seeing as you messaged me before I should honour that.

  • done for now, might gear down a bit :)

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  • Nice, maybe still needs black stick on cable guides for the looks

  • Agreed. I have an SLX disc on a Kinesis carbon fork in my Steamroller and it's raaaadd.

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  • I'm def keen but it would require posting to Sweden. Too much hassle perhaps? I'll of course pay the postage, doubt it'll be that expensive through parcel monkey

  • tested new tires Hutchinson Bitum 700c x 38mm, bought at planet-x 4£ per tire. in terms of comfort are no different from Continental Cyclocross Speed 35mm, which are much lighter and faster on the asphalt, and did not notice the difference on the gravel, but in general for this money beautiful and quite good tires. For the years of riding fixed gear I tried many different frames, about 30 and nothing was better than the Surly Steamroller. There was an option to buy a mash work, but I don't even know whether there is a point

  • My Steamroller:

    It has seen a big pile of parts, over 100 000km, 23 countries, TCR twice, Ruska ride across Finland, Paris-Brest-Paris singlespeed, plenty of brevets and touring, alleycats, daily commuting... Original fork was bent in a crash on a polo court. Fucking awesome bike. Derailleur hanger was brazed on and it has SunXCD casette hub. 2x7. Now I'm going to build another bike for the long rides and this will be singlespeed roadbike again.

  • That is awesome, but straight away i thought, why not use a Pacer, or straggler, or cross check?

  • Yeah, but I already had this, rode it as a singlespeed and fixed gear for years before putting the gears on it. It was already built for what I need and I liked riding it, so I just added the derailleurs. For some reason I've liked this much more than the actual roadbikes I've had. And it still has the possibility to use it as a singlespeed/fixed, as I've still done occasionally, like most of last winter. But indeed I'm now building another bike that's actually designed to what I've made this do.

  • I love that about this bike, you've just made it work for you as your needs change.

  • @Samuli amazing bike and info!

    finished my little steamroller project today..

  • Such a nice amount of slope on that top tube! Now it just needs bigger tires ;)

  • For touring missions hell yeah!, for city ride and commute, 25mm!

  • Nice! Never seen a roller that big with a sloping tt before?

  • Never seen a roller that big with a sloping tt before?

    He chopped it:­58/

    Very cool.

  • that's sick, noticed the moved rack/guard mount to

  • Hello, I'm looking for a 56cm steamroller. Frame and forks or complete bike. Most things considered. Would probably need to be willing to ship to France, where I can assure you it will have a most wonderful life. With maybe a 1200km event down the Atlantic coast in June 2018 all things being well. Thanks. Dan.

  • Evening all, any of you riding Steamrollers with mudguards on? Can any of you give me any pointers on which fit nicely? I’m using a Kinesis CX Carbon formal with loads of clearance if that makes a difference...

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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