Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • Black cranks actually work well, still miffed that the seat tube is too slack but least the Dolan can be fitted with Steamroller fork.

  • I think white would suit the colour and gumwalls nicely.

  • Yep white will look great - nice and clean

  • black to balance the crank?

    let me know if you don't end up getting on with that stem :)

  • Black- white will overdo it

  • I went with white....

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  • Imo it will look much better when you've tarnished the white tape.

  • Looks great! I agree, the white is a bit too clean at the minute.

  • Really tidy build. I love the range of styles people build with these frames.

    Mine now has a front rack. It's not yet been levelled or tweaked, but it has been successfully used:

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  • What rack is that? It's not one of the one of the usual suspects.

    And yes. I appreciate that my bar tape need more patina.

  • It's the Minoura Gamoh. I bought a Metro Porteur before because it was cheap, but it wasn't going to fit without a lot of modification so I gave up on it.

    I got this one on in minutes, even though I had to use the weird eyelet adaptor things and borrow a long bolt from some TT bar risers to attach it to the fork.

  • Snap. Although I opted for the axle(no eyelets)

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  • Which mount is that? I am running Goldtecs which tends to make most of those kinds of things useless without owning a drill press.

  • Is that the chrome bag? a good trick to keep the bottom straps straps out of the way is to loop the top straps through the bottom strap ends if that makes sense?

  • It looks like that bracket is supposed to slot the fork leg between the two mounting points.
    I'd be afraid that loading the rack would turn the bracket.

  • same as +tommmmmmm then in that it could rotate, just back to front and a different hole chosen fnar. I've run it like this for years on the goldsprint with no issues when loaded up, but I take your point.

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  • mount that came with it, from memory I think I did drill it out a bit (Phil hubs)

  • Can restart my CP roller :)

    Dug another rack and some tools from storage. Can now trim down the steel fork steerer tube.

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  • Anyone have a steamroller fork to sell?

  • I've got one in Monkey Butt Red from a 2015 model. Used for about 600 miles before switching out to a carbon disc fork. Happy to take an offer as long as you're UK based @binnoboy?

  • Leeds based, if the steerer is long enough I'm interested.

  • Any more info that bike? looks ace.

  • I'll measure it later but it was never cut down so should be OK - it was on a 53 frame.

  • Responded via PM. Sounds good but please confirm the steerer tube length.

  • Ah shit I've got a Steamroller fork I posted about ages ago and forgot to follow up on.

    It's here (shown with 700 x 40c Marathon Supreme tyre, would clear smaller easily). I think someone already shown an interest:

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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