Surly Steamroller owners...

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  • My partner really should put her stuff away. Or, I could just pay more attention when taking pictures. Meh, we're all grown ups.

    Does the black alfine chainset w/chainguard come in 165mm? Or do I want something nicer?

  • Wald is on.

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  • What light is that?

  • Cheap Ebay cree, runs off an external battery can't remember the model. Was like £4.50 posted from china.
    Works surprisingly well.

  • I'm looking for a front brake caliper to fit 38c tyres, any recommendations?

  • Edmundro - Could you let me know the standover height on your 56cm, from around the mid point of the top tube tube please?

  • Thinking of selling my 53cm F+F (Dark Maroon)

  • i think this came up in the thread recently. try a few pages back

  • Pedals are off my ogre, saddle is a place holder but comfy.
    49x19 gearing is creamy smooth.
    Fits fine but a bit upright with the cockpit as is.
    Will muck around with it again soon, maybe smaller tyres and mudguards.

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  • @youramericanlover this is what you can get on your fixeh

  • do the new surly frames need to be faced?!?
    I just plopped my BB without thinking about it and now I'm worried...

  • If there's paint over the lip of the shell then yes, probably. They're a bit agricultural so I wouldn't be surprised if the faces aren't parallel. Not sure why you wouldn't chase and face everything on a new frame just in case, basic engineering innit. I seem to remember someone telling me it's more important with external bearing bbs but whatever.
    My lbs charged a tenner and did it there and then in 10mins while we talked bollocks.

    Need to ride it a bit, settle on cockpit then I'll cut the spacer stack down.

  • Rolling chassis is now rolling.

    One of thing nice things about buying a bike from @edscoble is that they come pre-scoble stacked.

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  • What are you talking about - that stem is obviously slammed :D

  • Looks really nice with the silver bits on.

  • That's ed's doing - all came with the frame. I cannot take credit for it.

  • What, he stacked it? Make sure it's safe!1!

  • This is my 4th or 5th Steamroller since my first one in 2003. Riding more and more off road and got another one for the tyre clearance and more stable feeling with lower BB (compared to track frame I was using)
    They are great for fire roads/easy off road.

  • do you happen to know where that stem came from? @edscoble?

  • Cool just didn't realise u could get them without the -deg rise...

  • So many nice builds here. I'd love a 53cm if anyone has one going.

  • Very good chance I'll have a 53cm frame and fork going spare soon.

  • Good progress is good. My existing brake lever does not fit though. 24mm cross tops now on order.

    White saddle and tape or black saddle and tape? Oddly I have both to hand. White is currently winning in my head.

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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