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  • A very nice build. Did you get cable guides welded on to the frame for the rear brake cable?

    Nice cranks too - what are they?

  • This blue one with 1" threaded fork happens to be mine nowadays thanks to a friend. Phone pic taken few months ago when it was still clean and tidy. Easiest my favorite bicycle. Just love it.

  • anyone got any ideas on a guide price for a 60cm steamroller frame with uncut steerer, year old armourtex respray to a beautiful sparkly green that looks almost box fresh.

    thinking of selling because I need a bike with gears, but as I'm broke and all sales funds are going straight on to a cross check or similar I need to get as much as possible for it, without taking the piss!

  • Any ideas of the maximum tire size you can run with brakes? They say 38mm but I'm thinking that'll rub on the underside of a brake?

  • Would they rub with long drop calipers?
    Edit: sorry just realised this was the opposite of what you meant. Drop would make no fucking difference.

  • I've put 38's on and clearance is fine... Only issue is if your brake caliper isn't quite long enough the brake pad can rub on the sidewall when you brake

  • Watching with interest on the brake question, as leaning towards a roller frame.

    is there a list of long drop brakes that fit ?
    It seems that the high end calipers from shimano don't have long drop or need certain levers to work at full power.
    From looking around it's more budget brakes (nothing wrong with that) that aren't fussy about levers.
    Dia-compe keep cropping up, with the BRS 101.
    Did find a good blog/review where for maximum mud clearance the DC 610 center pull was used, added bonus was the mini rack that bolts onto the brake, downside is straddle cables and cable stops/hangers.
    Will go for a rummage and find the blog again. I guess due to the tyre clearance and changing modern standards brakes for this are a bit niche.

  • I have the BRS 101s on my roller. I think the max tyre is probably 35mm since they don't open very much. I have stuck to mainly 25 so I am going purely by knowing how much travel the caliper can do. The roller is a street machine by definition, sure it can take a 42mm but its hardly practical thing to do with calipers. That is why the CC, LHT take V-brakes or cantis.

  • Cheers Fasih :)
    I only intend to run up to 35mm as loads of CX tyres to choose from.

    I been rummaging, found some of the photo's i was wittering on about.
    This is a WTB 38mm wedged in what looks like a DC 101

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  • The blog i read the owner reckoned that the centerpull's allowed maximum mud clearance.

    The following photos are 33mm tyres

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    • 19762171324_59bdda54b3_c.jpg
  • Rear view

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  • Centre pulls might be the answer for fatter tyres. I've run up to 32's with no issues with calipers..
    Re long drop calipers the best I've used are condor ones since their quick release opens up the brake a lot

  • Hi I might be interested, got any pics ?

  • Looking for a 62cm steamroller... Anyone selling?

  • Swap you for a 62cm crosscheck f/set?

  • @Phyllis if you'd got me that message about two weeks ago I would have been all over it. Now I've picked up a 90s Claud Butler tourer off 'bay so I'm gonna run with that.

    @harv4130 and @ObiWomKenobi the photo attached shows the frame I'm thinking about getting rid of. I still haven't worked out a price though — my plan was to get some advice on pricing on here before taking it over the the classified section

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  • Every time I am about to post my roller up for sale, I see this thread and can't bring myself to do it.

  • Keep it for everrr

    Loving my Pacer at the moment, but still want a cross check

  • The CC in it 1x10 guise has been awesome the last couple of months. As of 3 weeks ago my commute is back down to 9 miles each way.

  • I actually sold my Steamroller, Pacers for sale to, as i do plan to get a CC

  • Spring commuting guise

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  • Here's an idea dude.

    Get a narrow/wide chainring up front, like a 42t, run it as an SSCX/fixed, then if you want to make it into a road bike, simply put a downtube shifter, rear derailleur and a 11-36t 10 speed cassette (any old 8/9 speed MTB derailleur will do, even the 11-42 10 speed cassette).

  • Any more news on the frame for sale?

  • Not a bad idea, pretty much part swapping the pacer so all i really need are brakes and some 24h hubs, the gears are fine functionally, i'm more than comfortable using the double ring with dt shifters, 39-49:11-32 seems to be spot on, i'm after a more light touring functional type thing

  • lovely looking ride you have there!

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Surly Steamroller owners...

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