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  • @nefarious @Airhead I am fairly sure I have it on cd and vinyl! Incredibly good release. Also have a couple of 12"s South London Boroughs and another that I can't remember, would have to have a hunt through!

  • Amp arrived, everything sounds great! Picked up a cheap 80s BBC Ennio Morricone comp and a Jackie De Shannon LP over the weekend so they've been getting blasted out this evening...

    The speakers don't seem to mind where they are on the shelf, I'm gonna keep them there for now... Looking forward to going through my vinyl and giving it a bit of TLC...

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  • Thanks so much. Ordered 100ml bottle. Can't believe it's only x2 as a 15ml one. Reviews are very promising.

  • A mate sent me this in return for some artwork I dun his band (different band - I am not friends with Pharoah Saunders). It’s a gem. Absolutely hitting the spot on a sunny afternoon.

    A lovely surprise too - I was looking forward to hearing it tomorrow when it’s released digitally.

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  • That might be a lifetime supply :)

  • oooh been looking forward to this forgot about its release. nice presie to get

  • Thanks for the heads up about this - ordered a copy on Friday.

  • I have now discovered the weakness of Rega's three footed design, after a cat sat on a unsupported corner. Luckily the needle and Lee Morgan's Sonic Boom album survived the ensuing acrobatics.

  • A mate sent me this in return for some artwork I dun

    This looks very nice.

    Also you strike me as someone that might enjoy The Rug Thread !

  • Excellent present that. Whole work is superb.

    Long shot too. Anyone have Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin they might want to sell?
    Looking for LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression as well.

  • Also Skream -Skream!

  • Whats the forum preferred plastic storage / moving box?

    I need to move this lot to their new home and then potentially use the boxes as waterproof storage for other things in the loft afterwards.

    Is it worth doing these:­x-48-litre-xl

    Or cardboard and buy something else for the loft later?

    I’ll need about 13 boxes for this lot at a guess (kallax hold roughly 120 records per cube).

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  • I use the really useful storage ones. It's worth considering the smaller size (it's about half the size) When you fill those boxes with records they get very heavy and sometimes it's tricky manoeuvring them.

    I had 25 full at one point with a mattress on top. Ended up doing some damage moving them around all them time. It can be tricky to get them in and out of a loft basically.

  • edit: double post

  • Same here: pre-ordered vinyl arrived a day before digital release. Amazing album, nice sleeve too.

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  • Well jealous.

    The price on ebay for this record is stupid. I'm hoping for a reissue soon-ish.
    Will try to resist buying the CD version though that's good for ripping and listening in the car.

  • Sooo... my mate gave me his copy of Loveless for my birthday, because he doesn't like MBV (I know) and I had mentioned looking forward to the upcoming reissue. Thing is, his version is going for £2-500 on Discogs. I told him, but he says he doesn't care, as he'd never have got round to selling it. Still feels unethical to keep it, and worse to sell it. WWJD?

  • Thank him and get him a nice b'day present if you sell it.

  • I paid for a reissue though bandcamp

  • Just done that. I always overlook bandcamp for some reason.
    Must. Un-wash. Brain.

  • I missed the boat too. Went all the way down to page 7 of Google results for small records shops - nothing.

    Reprint coming in May apparently.

  • I know the prices are ridiculous but I couldn’t help myself.

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  • RSD 2021 list is out:­ore-day-2021-releases-vinyl-full-list-29­15780

    Not too much to grab the attention, but BC Camplight's first 2 albums are on vinyl for the first time, FSOL's Accelerator, Toots' Funky Kingston and maybe the TV Smith/Richard Strange album will do me.

  • My order said shipping in August for deliver for following month. I don't mind waiting such is the backlog of vinyl I am still to go through. At least I paid a fair price for it rather than the £50-80 some chancers are asking for (I know it's a marketplace where supply meets demand...)

  • Project RCM, I'm on the third warranty. My latest mix of cleaner is 40% alcohol, 60% water, about 16 drops of Tergitol, 8 drops of X-Flo (or whatever it's called!!)

    Sorry me and my record cleaning again... May I ask what qty of solution you're making with so much Tergitol at once ? Is that for 2 litres perhaps?
    The seller I bought from recommends 2 drops for 500ml solution (400ml distilled water + 100ml rubbing alcohol).

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Vinyl Junkies …

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