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  • It's a photo you have taken that could be used as a 70's album cover. You, naked self-portrait and dripping honey over yourself = Ohio Players

  • Ahhhh ok. Gonna go and dig out my can of okra costume then...

  • No it’s a photo you take within the rules , basically taken this week , not too much editing , that would pass as a ‘70’s album cover .
    Given almost every genre was covered in thst decade there’s a vast scope .
    Just take a picture you think would make a great cover ...

  • Managed to find a local place with the new Mogwai album in stock and with collection available. Put my order in and went to leave the house to get it. Double checked and collection is only available on Friday/Saturday.
    I guess that’s my Friday evening sorted at least!

  • I had a listen to it this morning on Tidal. I'm not a huge fan of the genre but I thought it was pretty good.

    Received my delivery this afternoon. 21 records to get through!

    One of them is Anna B Savage - A Common Turn, great dark humour.

    Light In The Attic has done a Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different LP. First official repress apparently.

    Galactic Mutherland - A Muther's Pearl has been repressed too.

  • It’s had pretty good reviews so I opted to not listen to it on streaming bad just wait until I can sit down and play it through on vinyl.

    No 1 album globally at the moment is pretty bonkers.

  • I think a lot of labels are holding back waiting for a return to normality. This was always going to be a good album but I'm sure even Mogwai wouldn't have expected so little competition.

    I'm pretty sure artists have been slowed down producing in the last year too. Although lockdown will have suited some better than others.

  • There's no such thing as better with those LPs, they're all magical in their own way...

  • Damnit.
    Stripped the hook clean and got away.

  • How can you pick a favourite? It's unpossible... Kill City isn't even a Stooges record and that one's up there as well...

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  • Oof.

    I can't look past raw power. I probably have a shitty cd of it, I don't have any vinyl bootleg of it. Search and destroy is the song. For me.

  • Thanks to @AlexD I've been playing Ogdens pretty much non stop for the last week.

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  • Such a great record... 🎯

  • Excellent. Glad it’s found a good home!

  • Don’t know where I saw the global thing, but they’re definitely no 1 album in the UK today.
    Gave it a proper listen through with a a beer. Well good.

  • Cenizas by Nicolas Jaar is both available as a single LP and double LP album. Track list seems to be the same, what’s the point in spreading it over 2 LPs? If it’s audio quality I doubt I’d perceive it as a mere mortal? Honestly think I’d prefer only having to flip it once.

  • Just listened to the first 20 minutes of that and had to turn it off as it's making me really anxious.

  • It really comes into its own halfway through the third listen.

  • Does this mean it gets worse?

  • 2 x 45 is useful if there's a lot of quiet passages as the 45rpm reduces surface noise. It does work technically as long as it's pressed well.

  • This! Raw Power and Search and Destroy for me also

  • Fantastic record. Next level on Shrooms!

  • .

  • Any interest in some box sets? I fancy a cheap rotary mixer

    Beastie Boys Sounds of Science
    Massive Attack Singles 90/98
    Nuyorican Soul

    All complete and barely played

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  • I've been sorting my office/studio/music room out this weekend... I've moved all my vinyl and the stereo in there from the living room, it was cluttering the place up too much...

    My vinyl is filthy, there is dust (and some mould!!) fucking everywhere... It's gonna take a while for me to go through everything and clean it up... Haven't plugged anything in yet, hope it all still works... Mixer and speakers will need a refresh soon, they're both ancient and a bit clapped out, much like their owner...

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Vinyl Junkies …

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