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  • where's the vinyl though?

  • I’d just built it when I took that.

  • Is that a DIY job for the shelf? Looks like it's attached to Kallax unit - would be interested in how you did that!

  • CAPITA angle legs and LACK bookshelf and you can just sneak the legs slightly under the back of the turntables.

    IKEA DJ booth tips from here where you can add all manner of stands feet and tabletops to tune the height to you.­o-create-a-professional-dj-booth-from-ik­ea-parts/

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  • After running my (small) collection of 7" and 12" in the Discogs app, I've found out that some of my vinyls are worth something. Is there a better marketplace than Discogs itself to clear a few as I'm moving away from rock/indie stuff ?

  • How about here?

  • In case anyone else is interested in those "music box designs" record boxes mentioned upthread they are a few bucks off on their official site now - gotta say I love that "speaker box" (it's a door) they're doing..

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  • In the past I've had problems with decks balanced on top of furniture, especially if you're rummaging for a disk while one is playing. Vibration mostly. I really rate getting a deck mounted to a solid wall by some means.

  • sounds like there are not enough records in your furniture @Airhead

  • I'll probably delete this post because I'm quite private about it but :-

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  • Thanks. Good idea. I wasn't sure whether that was allowed. (if not then just shout and I'll delete the post)

    Bundle of 4 x 12" 45RPM EP "The Peel Sessions"
    Joy Division, 1986, SFPS013 (G/Exc)
    Joy Division, 1987, SFPS033, (G+/Exc)
    The Wedding Present, 1986, SFPS009 (G-/Exc)
    Inspiral Carpets, 1989, SFPS072 (G-/Exc)

    None of the covers is nowhere near mint condition however the records have had little play and are all excellent.
    £60 for the bundle (would like not to split at this stage)

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  • If you do come to split, Joy Division ones would be a nice addition to partner's Xmas present.

  • Nice shelving, are the dividers alphabetical? I just always assume people are storing records in expedits...With a turntable on top. To which the answer is, more records.

  • More photos.

    I'm open to offers for swaps. And I have a lot more to shift to make room for more jazzy tunes, downtempo, nu jazz, mo'wax, acid jazz, blue note, impulse.....

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  • @Airhead Am so jealous...

  • Well I enjoy it but it's not really recommended! It starts to be a bit of a job to keep on top of it and it can make you feel a bit guilty if you're not playing records all the time. Probably half that amount is enough for anyone in my situation.

  • It's organised roughly in genres and then alphabetically (roughly) except for some 12" sections which are basically sets. Oddly I always go right to left alphabetically and it never makes much sense to me to have them in alphabetical order anyway.

    Sadly I also have some overspill in boxes in another room because vinyl junkies love to hoard :) Most of the overspill is up for sale individually on discogs though.

    I have a fair bit of average stuff I want to shift but it takes too long to grade and list.

  • In the past I've had problems with decks balanced on top of furniture, especially if you're rummaging for a disk while one is playing. Vibration mostly. I really rate getting a deck mounted to a solid wall by some means.

    Sure, this makes a lot of sense.
    Still I guess most people just do it like that.. matter of fact I get the impression that just putting an amp and turntable on an IKEA Kallax is what the majority does, haha.

    Your room looks quite nice (and full of records) by the way 🙂

  • It's been a very long process to make it look like that. I had my decks on different furniture for many years. I only recommend wall mounting now because I've discovered the virtues.

    I feel lucky to have a room like this because I've always loved record shops and now I have a private one. :) but really it's not luck it's old age!!

  • Would it be madness to suspend my turntables in a large coffin flight case from the ceiling rafters. Aside from swinging about (no idea how much of an issue this would be), I guess the acoustic isolation would be half decent?

  • That sounds like a terrible idea, Cam, as solid a base as possible for me... We're on floorboards and I have to tiptoe past my turntable when it's playing... I reckon cueing up records will be a bit of a challenge if your decks are just hanging in mid-air...

    Hanging columns fixed to your ceiling joists? Would that work? You could probably make something out of scaff...

  • In domestic situations the acoustic isolation is not such a big challenge because you tend not to have the really big sound pressures you get in clubs or venues. Your idea could work but the flight case would need to be heavy enough that it stays still even if you touch it. It definitely wouldn't work if you were able to move it. Overall the risk probably outweighs the benefit.

  • Any Placebo fans about? Check out their website for their limited edition records.

  • Nice little video showing the process of pressing picture disks and explaining why the sound quality is compromised. Turn the volume down before playing.­discs-are-made/

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Vinyl Junkies …

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