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  • a friend is looking for a good rega - let me know what you are after £££

  • Im looking for a copy of Mogwai, Mr Beast, as a Christmas present. Not being a Vinyl Junky myself Im wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a reputable source? Ive tried giving a call to Sister Ray, my previous shop for particular vinyl, but im having no luck there or with google.

  • Looks like its available from Discogs - either the original unsealed, or a sealed reissue.

    I haven't used those sellers but their ratings would seem acceptable.

  • Brilliant, thank you.

  • I came across some Vinyls group on Facebook the other day.
    There's also an online shop/ebay seller called "HTFR" for Hard To Find Records...

    Good luck!

  • Hard To Find Records

    I used to go there from Cov a fair bit, the shop itself is quite difficult to locate.

  • Great help thank you.
    The Discogs websites a bit difficult to navigate, I think I have it sorted but they really need to set up a better interface.

  • It's a fantastic resource once you get used to how it works. There are plenty of quirks though.

  • It's a fantastic resource once you get used to how it works.

    I completely agree.

    There are plenty of quirks though.

    Indeed there are, also the whole site looks like it's from the past.
    Considering they must be making a ton of money through ads and sellers fees it's a bit embarrassing their site is clunky like that..

  • They're a weird company but the whole thing started pretty much by chance and it's mostly through users adding to the database that they have anything.

    Apparently 150,000 users selling through the site which I thought was quite low. During the pandemic they dropped fees for bricks and mortar shops from time to time, clearly trying to encourage them to sell through the site. Now they are moving to an increasingly PayPal or the highway selling strategy with the aim to increase transparency for buyers.

    They did try some changes a few years ago but had to roll some back because it made the site too slow to navigate for people with big collections.

    I've managed to write code to fill spreadsheet cells with data from the site. It seems that most of the more committed sellers are scraping the site for data looking for price opportunities. In some cases prices are lower than dealers prices by some margin, probably partly because of lower dealer prices for the high volume guys but possibly some people not paying the vat.

    Considering I spend so much time on there and have submitted quite a few releases I don't buy that much from the site.

  • One other factor is the site was originally for dance music and mostly that existed as a single pressing or maybe a few variations so it was pretty simple. Search for the song or artist and you would likely find the specific release. Now the popular rock records have hundreds of marginally varying releases and it's a treasure hunt through the matrices and cover details to find the copy you have in your hand.

  • That all makes sense!

    Still I figure they do make a lot of fucking money so it'd be great if they just hired some capable people and get a proper / easy to use website.

  • I really like these kind of square wooden boxes - is there another brand that does those aprart from "Musicbox Designs" (who charge €89,- for such a box)?

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  • Interested in this as well. Too cold to be cutting up my own one outside.

  • Interested in this as well. Too cold to be cutting up my own one outside.

    Also, anyone selling their portishead - dummy LP, please give me a shout. Christmas present.

  • It’s £12.99 at Rough Trade right now.


    The very excellent Norman Records have it on sale for twelve whole pounds atm.

  • Beat me to it!

  • It's a pretty reasonable price if the actual item is the same as the pictured one. The quality of the wood is pretty decent and it has mitred corners which are harder to do properly.

    I have at least 1 flight case, I prefer that style with a lid so the records are protected if you want them to be. The other popular type is the 'really useful storage company' box. They have 2 lid heights so you can have dividers in the box if you want. I think they have colour options too.

    I'm a joiner with 30 years experience making furniture and I wouldn't want to try to make those boxes in pine cheaper than that price.

    I can understand the attraction of these but they're not as practical as the other options. In the long run record collection accessories add up to a ton of money but they usually last much much longer than you imagine. I've got 30 year old flight cases that still work fine.

  • Yea it's the pictured one; it's oak even, apparently.
    I do understand they're made nicely (they are enforced with hidden wooden dowels they say), I am just not prepared to spend that much money on a box yet I guess 😅

    The storage boxes or flight cases are definitely useful, but I want something that's really nice to look at (plus I really do not need the protection)

  • I get that. I think flight cases are really nice to look at though :) My home furnishings do reflect that.

    I use a lot of the really useful boxes, If you're not ready to go oak mitred boxes then maybe there are some veneered Mdf ones around.­RIGINAL-12-inch-VINYL-RECORD-STORAGE-CUB­ES/133580136874?hash=item1f19ff21aa:g:xZ­YAAOxy9LxSHmDZ

    or simple assembly record crates­den-12-Record-Vinyl-storage-Crate-pre-as­sembled-Capacity-100/293798513693?hash=i­tem4467c18c1d:g:gQgAAOSw31xfk~MZ

    I should also say if you can afford the oak one then buy it, if it's as well made as the picture you will have a nice oak crate for the rest of time.

  • Are you moving the records about or just for storage? If the latter, Ikea Kallax was good vfm when I was in need.

  • Thanks, yea the Kallax type is often used as record storage I see, and indeed quite cheap.
    Also looks ok.
    I can't really have more furniture in my room though, so just having one square box would be good (also I like those are stackable for when I need a second one).

  • @Airhead ..thanks again, kinda like the storage cubes from that eBay seller, I'm not in the UK though.
    Also I wonder why the records seem to barely fit in / why they don't make them 1cm deeper?

    Anyways I'll probably just save money for the oak one..

  • I've got 2 4x4 Kallax units for vinyl and a 4x2 with a shelf for decks amps speakers and a Pioneer DDJ

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Vinyl Junkies …

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