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  • Does anyone know what "Item arrives in packaging that reveals what's inside. To hide it, choose Ship in Amazon packaging at checkout." means for vinyl bought on Amazon?

    Sounds as though the record is delivered without packaging, unless you specify otherwise and they'll put it in a box?

  • I thought it meant it says on the outside what the item is. Might just be a printed label. If you think someone might intercept it for that reason or you don't want your addiction to be public you might choose to conceal it.

    I know Amazon delivers a lot of stuff but they have done some really stupid things with records in the past. Good thing is they replace items easily enough. Some people have maxed out their right to return vinyl and ended up being blocked from buying it on Amazon. So be careful if anyone approaches you to buy vinyl for them from Amazon, it could be a banned junkie :)

  • After a bit of searching, it appears to be this, which looks fine­ackaging/b?ie=UTF8&node=8610081031

  • Yes, a slightly more commercial version of the same thing all decent sellers have been using forever! They had been known to send records in plastic bags.

    I have to right a wrong. I contacted Analogue Productions today about the problem with the Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins set and they got back to me within hours and said they will arrange a replacement through my distributor. So I'll be buying with quite a bit more confidence.

  • That's awesome

  • Yeah, I did a little dance :)

  • Ok, sl1200 MK3 a decent deck compared to a rega planar?

  • Are you asking or telling. I'm a big fan of the 1200 series. Only thing is second hand can be full of surprises.

  • Asking. Going to keep one expensive turntable so SL or rega planar with s arm.

    Have a Dual CS505, Proj ect Debut and One of the cheap bush ones that the record sticks out and a USB one with built in speakers that I use most with poor quality records.

    Both the rega and the SL need new needles.

  • Personally I would go with the SL1200. I've never heard the rega though and have little to no experience of any deck other than the SL1200.

    I have the MK3, pitch reset button is useful if you tend to use fixed pitch. Spares are easily available and there's loads of tutorials.

  • Both are great turntables, it's going to come down to personal preference - Belt vs DD and how useful you find the pitch control etc.

    I sold a pair of SL1210's about 12 years ago and kept my OG Rega Planar 2 . Don't miss the 121o's at all and the Planar 2 is still going strong after a belt and needle swap recently.

    Miss the Garrard SP25 I also sold at the same time though, trying to justify to myself picking another one up.

  • I think it's Record Store Day today, or part of Record Store Day. Which is in September.

    My local seems to think it is anyway

  • In deciding turntable news it in a 100v japanese version, so is it dead?

  • Buy a step down transformer?

  • Replace internal transformer is easier.

    EDIT looking at prices stepdown transformer is way cheaper as the deck uses less than 5W so no issues as the transformers are only a little bit bigger that a power supply.

  • .

  • Anyone got a 240 to 100v step down transformer so I can see if the turntable at least works.

  • Which deck? The SL1200 has a switch under the platter from memory.

  • Yep the SL is a japan version so no switch.

    Wondering if someone has tried to plug it in to EU mains and burnt something.

  • You will blow something in the power supply. A friend told me he did it once.........

  • Four Tet- There is love in you US reissue­tured-pre-orders/products/four-tet-there­-is-love-in-you-3xlp

    $40 shipping to UK though :0

  • Just clearing out and found my mates old techno records he lent me about 18 years ago. He doesn’t want them, in fact he tells me now they weren’t even his.

    PM if anyone here wants them.

    *I’ll cross post this in the techno thread.

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  • Yeah I did that to a systemdek turntable with separate power supply. I put fuses in both 110v and 220v system, as there was a speed fault with the power supply so thought it could be that. It wasn't.

    Trying to find out if someone has already done that.

  • Four Tet There is Love in You UK pre-orders appearing now­here-is-love-in-you-expanded-edition

    Can't wait

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Vinyl Junkies …

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