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  • Pleased to find out about them. Bookmarked in case.

    I'd give it a try for the money but there's a seriously limited use case for one off dub plates with digital distribution being so prolific. It would get expensive if you wanted a few and historically you'd be giving these away to Dj's to get them playing your exclusive mix.

  • Where is it?

    A friend of mine recently opened up his services just south of there.

  • Good to know that's there, we only had Vinyl Carvers back in my day... Good for those album only cuts, get two on a seven and you're laughing... Pricey, even back then tho'...

  • In that arcade on Rye Lane, holdrens I think it is. I have some digital only tunes that I would like to preserve on a record. I feel they'll have more longevity on vinyl than stashed on my laptop or an external hard drive. Even if it's a dubplate. The long term quality of them is meant to be pretty good these days.

  • Never heard of such a service. What do you reckon it would cost to get a digital album cut to vinyl?

  • There are limitations to what you can cut to a dubplate. Maybe 15 minutes per side.

  • They've moved to Hackney now, someone told me last night.

  • If anyone is interested in buying a turntable I'm selling a Rega Planar 1 in excellent condition over on eBay. Feel free to msg with any questions. If it doesn't sell on eBay would be happy to sell through this.

  • This arrived in the post today - first time ever available on vinyl.
    I'm actually a bit shocked at how fresh songs you thought you've known for 25 years can feel.

  • Argh, last time I absent mindedly move my decks to direct sunlight for a few days while doing some painting... lucky it was a £2 Imagination album.

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  • that'd make a lovely fruit bowl

    put it in a sink with another ceramic bowl underneath it to give it a shape, then pour boiling water over the top

  • Then throw it straight in the bin...

    Haha... Kidding, they did some great things in their time...

  • This reminds me of the time I lived in Nashville (have I mentioned that?), I lent a friend some records. (first edition Aphex Twin ambient works 1+2)
    He came back to me about 3 weeks later and was distraught.
    He'd left them in the back of his car...In summer...

    They've got a little wobble and that's all. I didn't make him buy me new ones.

  • Does anyone have any tips of where best to sell a collection of 60s/70s jazz and rock LPs?

    Quite a few valuable ones, according to Discogs.

    I've emailed Rat records, Reckless, Flashback and Vinyl Pimp. Ideally I wouldn't have to lug 170 records about.


  • Discogs...

  • Hi ya - what Jazz have you got?

  • And what 60s stuff you got? 😘

  • Condition means everything but there's at least half a dozen I'd be interested in if the condition is above VG+.

    You could make some money on Discogs but it comes in slow and steady. I've got roughly 150 listed at the moment and I sell a few a week. You need cardboard mailers and you have to learn to grade properly.

    I would be very careful approaching any of the names you've mentioned having dealt with all of them before. If you look for a record fair near you, there's one in Twickenham every month for example, you can find dealers who will probably visit you and quite possibly offer a little bit more than the shops.

    Anyone with experience is going to go through a collection finding reasons why they're not worth the top Discogs money. I just set a new highest price on Discogs for a UK garage track where there were none for sale worldwide, otherwise I'm usually selling at closer to the lowest price on offer in the UK.

    Anyway, hit me up by PM if you want to know what I'm interested in.

  • also a lot of shops will only want to cherry pick that collection and won’t take a lot of them. You might be better off cherry picking the better LPs to sell on discogs yourself, then cut your losses on the cheapies and give them to charity. (This tends to be my approach to shifting records)

  • Very sensible approach. A lot of dealers aren't interested once they know you've catalogued them as they'll assume you've cherry picked them. I had this happen with Vinyl Pimp when I was trying to sell 2500 12" dance records.

  • Oh, and if you do take them to a shop, it’s worth bearing in mind you’ll get more value from trading them for other records than you will selling for cash. If I’ve got interesting stuff to move on, I tend to take it to Wanted (in Bristol) as I vaguely know the guys in there and trust them to give me a decent trade amount.

  • They were valued at £960 and I was offered £430.

    I brought them all back home again.

    I should be able to do better shouldn't I?

  • Those figures suggest you could make closer to £1260. It takes time to sell them though and likely no one will offer £960 for the combined lot.

    It's a nice collection, why not get it in good shape and play them?

  • I tried the Stan Tracey Quartet one, seeing as it is one of the most valuable, and I lasted 30 seconds. It reminded me of all those hours, being driven about in my dad's car listening to cool cool jazz, wishing I was listening to anything else

    I would keep them, except I have about 2000 records of my own. Too much vinyl and not enough room, unfortunately

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Vinyl Junkies …

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