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  • aha, good taste

  • I have bought from Juno before

  • Went digging over Christmas for the first time in about 6 months, picked up a few treats, all og.
    Schoolhouse rock
    What's going on
    Sounds of the Sunforest
    Houston Pearson - sweet buns and BBQ
    A nice early Lou Rawls on capitol
    Stanley cowell trio
    Bob James - 2

    Pretty much all on the wants list, so not a proper dig!
    If anyone wants to trade/sell funk, soul, jazz, breaks etc.... Get on touch

  • Holy shit - new vinyl is very expensive.

    I'm just back from a good trawl round some record shops and I was quite shocked at how much a new (ish) vinyl album can cost.

    In a way, it reminds me of being young again where music was something special to save for and to respect rather than like now where, if you wanted, you can spend an hour on the internet and download the entire top 100 without having to pay for it.

  • The runout groove of the promo copy of Add N to (X) - Metal Fingers In My Body 12" reads:

    'Do You Likey?"

  • gah, I remember a video that they did - filthy!

  • It certainly was naughty and it's still on YouTube.

  • He sounds as if he's single.

  • The vinyl addiction is still gathering pace and I managed to get my hands on this:

    It's a very rare and hard to get Black Moth Super Rainbow album. It was limited to 500 and went out of print in 2005.

  • happy birthday Blue Monday 30 years old today - is yours the cut out matrix sleeve, or the reissue? (The Beach on the B side is actually Blue Monday, and vice versa)­fY

  • I haz that sleeve ^

  • i luv u

  • Would you like to touch me in a sexual nature?

  • =)

  • As far as good liner notes go, nothing else in my collection beats my The Brian Jonestown Massacre records.

    Personal highlights include:

    I Anton A. Newcombe do solemly swear that the ghost of Brian Jones came to me in the studio and asked me to make this record. P.S He also asked that I should kick the shit out of the old Mick & Keith for ripping off his band, girl and money, having him murdered, being glad he's dead, and for not being very nice people on Take It From The Man

    *And now a few words on intolerance:
    To all self-serving bands, critics, creeps, A&R reps, programmers, editors, writers, false fans, troublemakers, narcs, groupies, psychos, liars, drug friends, ego-maniacs, has-beens, would've beens, could've beens, etc, etc... (what did you say you did?) We are putting you on notice;

    You are officially uninvited to our party!!!

    Now scram before we call the cops*


    Track Two: This is the sound inside my head when people talk at me instead of with me. on And This Is Our Music

    The only thing you find in the middle of the road is dead animals and dumb Americans - Anton Alfred Newcombe 1967 - 2001 on Bravery, Repetition And Noise

    The actual vinyls are red, blue, purple, green, see through, yellow/white splatter, turquoise etc but I don't have a real camera so it's hard to take decent pictures of them.

    Here's one side of Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra 10" though:

  • By the way, who knows where records released for Record Store Day actually go on sale?

    I've never paid much attention to it from a buyers point of view in years gone by but there's something on the releases list I want this year. I assume you can only buy them at real life record shops but if the release is limited to however-many copies how do you know where they've sent them?

  • Coincidentally, I watched Dig! again last night. It's a great documentary.

  • yes, Dig! is ace

  • "Is that blood on you?"
    "From where?"
    "From people's faces"

  • Anybody picked something up at RSD today?

    I wasn't too thrilled with the release list this year...

  • Got a friend who runs a label, he was planning on putting out an LP to coincide with RSD. The record ended up getting bumped at the pressing plant by all the big labels cashing in on RSD. Same thing happened to Riot Season who were putting out the Dethscalator and Mainliner records. Boo.

  • Going to Vinyl Pimp's today, might pick up a few records, it's been a while.

  • went there after lunch bought t.raumschmiere - blitzkrieg pop album

    classified as techno punk electro
    will have a listen later
    looks like it might be an all nighter at the record shop lots of people sitting outside in the sun

  • a wannabe Paul Morley writes.....

    Record Store Day
    Where to start?
    It's an event bathed in a certain smugness, grounded in a misdirected elitism and contrary to everything that made Record Shops essential.
    If the business (urghh-punk blinkers) wants to save the handful of shops left, as the bolted horse canters into the distance, I would suggest exclusive releases all year.
    Once upon a time there was a chain with no name who did this. It worked.
    Tarting up old records. Coloured vinyl, 180grm, mono replica, export sleeve, box, poster et al.
    Hammer that nail in!
    Record Shops were (I use the past tense advisedly) about NOW!
    About kids, pocket money, smells, cooler older swines, hunting, tribes.
    All Record Store Day has is in common is the fetishisation of the object; an activity which occupied the fringes of the bread and butter of Record Shops.
    Middle aged men with disposable incomes queuing at 6am to buy a record they already own for a hugely inflated price (and those prices are now firmly ridiculous)?
    The money rattling into the coffers of the multinationals who foreclosed on shops you loved?
    A vanity exercise in assumed cool in the few cities left with shops?
    It's over friends.
    Pop isn't important . This is unhealthy...

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Vinyl Junkies …

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