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  • Thanks for the book link, that looks really interesting (as an engineer myself)

  • Douglas Self does appeal to the engineering brain. He also wrote a big book on power amp design which I find helpful if I'm suffering from insomnia 🙂

  • Can’t believe I’ve never stumbled across this guy. Extremely helpful - cheers for that!

    I’ve opened up the casing and it’s a cracked capacitor = £4 replacement and a dodgy home solder! Ya beauty!

  • I read camera reviews when I can't sleep.

  • I'd say that a decent phono stage can make a difference.

    In my experience they're always better than the integrated option.

  • I carefully wipe mine with microfiber cloth with a washing up liquid solution on it, then dry it off, then wipe with IPA. In theory a microfiber cloth should get further into the grooves, certainly sound and look better after a wash anyway.

    I'd rather avoid the risk of running them under the tap.

  • I do wonder, if without a rinse (or a vacuum) you're just pushing the crud around the record with a cloth, rather than removing it. Anyhoo, there's no right or wrong, as the long as the record sounds fine, it's all good.

  • You are leaving a bit more on the surface. The vacuum method gets them very clean. It's useful with a lot of 7" records, the dust from the edges of the cheap paper sleeves and the way they're handled in the factory means they can be quite dusty/dirty.

    It does just leave you with pressing flaws to be disappointed with. Sometimes it's better to just enjoy the records. They don't stay clean for long.

  • That must be why the recommended technique on rotating cleaners like the disco antistat is to rotate only in one direction many times, a couple of dozen or something.

  • Moodymann 2023 represses look to be coming out soon, £59 each! That's nuts for what i assume will be a double vinyl issue. I'm getting close to giving up on buying new vinyl anyway.

  • I'm seeing £75 each on Phonica so you should probably snap them up at £59.

  • I make my own solution (based on previous recommendation by @Airhead )

    Would you mind sharing the 'recipe' please?

  • It's based on 2 types of tergitol and some surface tension reducer.

    Here's a massive thread about it but you should be able to find out about it with 'tergitol record cleaner' as a search term.­leaning-records-with-tergitol.307642/

  • Thanks, you have almost definitely read this document that I stumbled upon:­22/01/PACVR_3rd-Ed_2022-01-17_Master.pdf­

  • I definitely borrowed it from @Airhead but here goes...

    I make 500ml at a time...
    400ml distilled water
    100ml rubbing alcohol
    1-2 drops of Tergitol 15-S-3
    1-2 drops of Tergitol 15-S-9
    6-10 drops of Triton X-100 surfactant

    All those chemical agents I found on ebay quite cheap. I went for a "large" bottle of the X-100 as it was more cost-effective.

  • That's interesting pricing. £52 on Amazon, where it's listing Taken Away as a box set with a bonus album. Still too rich for my blood.

  • Checked out Peckham Soul for the first time, and picked up these two... really lovely spot!

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  • Any suggestions for artist to support via buying vinyl / merch from them via bandcamp-Friday?
    Should be from the EU though; shipping from other parts of the worls is just nuts I realize..

  • All depends who is releasing on a particular BC Friday.

    I have built up a nice list of artists I follow and will buy anything I fancy from them on BC Fridays (some Fridays get quite expensive!).

  • All depends who is releasing on a particular BC Friday

    I'm not sure I'm following - isn't bandcamp just not taking their usual sales percentage on that day, regardless of when an album was released?

    Am I missing something here? What you describe sounds like Record Store Day specials 🤷

  • Sorry, I thought you were talking about new releases.
    I usually only buy new releases on bandcamp Fridays and not older stuff because I normally get bombarded with new vinyl that they have held off releasing until a BC Friday.
    Most of them are limited pressing runs so if I don't grab them then I miss out
    Hope that makes sense!!

    What styles are you into?

  • ..ah ok, it makes sense now 🙂

    I'm not really committed to one style or another, listening to a lot of rock /metal / stoner stuff at the moment though, plus various groove / funk things..

    Actually spent a good while today browsing bandcamp - and noticed that a lot of vinyl is sold out, and a lot of bands seem to only use bandcamp for the digital stuff now (and sell their physical records through either their own site or their label, which isn't a bad way to support them either, I guess)..

  • A lot of the stuff I listen to sells out quick and often doesn't get repressed.

    It may be worth following a load of bands/labels of interest and then see what pops up on BC Friday.

    Here is my profile, probably nothing of interest for you but you never know!

  • Had a bit of a win this week. Found that some little label is gathering up old punk demos and doing limited runs of 30-100 vinyl pressings. In 2017, they did a band I saw all the time back in Belfast as a kid - played the cassette to death and lost it decades ago.

    Someone put a mint copy on Discogs for £35, chanced my arm and offered £25 and got it. Looking forward to listening to it tonight.

  • Here is my profile, probably nothing of interest for you but you never know!

    Yea I actually kept scrolling a while until I found something I recognised (All my Heroes are Dead)
    will check some of these out when I'm in the mood, thanks 👍

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Vinyl Junkies …

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