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  • I sent the videos (plus 2 others) to the record label and they offered to replace them all.

  • Result, which label?

  • Decent label. Nice of them to do that.

  • Some good stuff in the looks department from these two labels at the moment.­­

  • @Mick - Is your copy of Kilimanjaro warped? I bought 2 full sets of the 12's and all 10 were badly warped. They have just sent replacements and they are the same. I reckon there is some kind of manufacturing problem with them.

  • The warping happens when they open the press too soon and the record cools down without pressure from the press. I have a vinyl flat with a heated pouch which I've used successfully to remove warps. It seems less effective on warps caused after pressing, like leaving a record in the sunshine on a record deck. Only anecdata but so far it's made a considerable improvement to anything warped that's gone in it.

  • Just checked. Didn't notice anything. I have records in worse conditions.

  • Thanks for checking

  • Thanks for the info, that looks interesting. On the whole I have very few warped records and I don't think I have ever noticed new ones being noticeably warped (like these are).

  • It's pretty common. As I mentioned before, pressing quality decreases when demand is higher than usual. You can leave them in a stack of heavy books for a few months, that's the old school method. Of course you need large books, it's easier with 7".

  • I have had a bit more contact with O.B.F. (who are incredibly helpful) and they have had a bit of a dig into this and found a quality problem with one of the batches.

  • That's very interesting. Especially as I'm constantly picking up records that sit less than flat on the table.
    So, you need the "flattener" + the heating pouch, right?

  • You can use the flattener bare in the oven. The pouch is probably easier than the oven. I bought them as a pair second hand. It takes some time to work out timing. Depending on each pouch and the heat it reaches, plus the size and weight of the record. With my pouch I get decent results around the 5 or 6 hour mark. You can overcook a record, especially in the oven.

    I've been slowly flattening an expensive disk that was pringled from sun exposure. It's had months of cold pressing, some heated pressing increasing the time slowly and it's getting there now. With smaller warps on new records I give it a few hours. There's a fair bit of trial and error but it can/will do the job.

  • “once the album’s mine I’ll listen to it however I please, thanks”

    Jesus. Says it all.

  • Yes, I imagine her doing similar with book chapters.

  • It's discogs the best way to catalogue a record collection? Or is there an alternative app with a similar library function that is more intuitive?

    I've opened up boxes and boxes of CDs that me and my girlfriend have ignored for a while. There are quite a few duplicates etc, would be good to get a proper catalogue done while we sort it out. And would be nice to have vinyl in the same place.

  • The only one I know of is rolldabeats, which is jungle/hardcore/drum and bass specific.

    The discogs app isn’t perfect, and is often down, but it can make cataloguing pretty quick by scanning barcodes. It can be annoying when you then still have to then conclude which version you have if there are multiple results. Planning to add all my CDs using it over the next couple of weeks.

  • I have slowly catalogued all of my vinyl on Discogs, I have cassettes and CDs to add on next. I find it pretty easy to use.

  • I've been using Discogs to catalogue and sell for 10 years. It's possible to use the API and link data to spreadsheets which I use as a backup. It's clunky but reliable.

  • Are there any roots reggae collectors on here?

    Been collecting since summer this year and trying to visit most record shops when I can. I mainly buy UK label singles which would've originally been sold with their respective company sleeve, usually beautifully designed in various styles with some great fonts. For me it helps finding the records in the collection and my slight ocd means I spend a good few hours looking for a record in the right condition with the matching sleeve.

    I find that when I've gone into certain record shops the owners/workers get proper pissy when I ask if I can change the sleeves on 12" singles for a matching sleeve from another mismatched record or even when I ask to buy just the sleeves, to a matching record I have at home, sometimes offering a good few quid when the record is sub £10 and for them to keep the record.

    It's got to the point where I need to ask if I am being unreasonable for asking? or is it just the classic old grumpy man mentality you find in certain bike shops too?

    If anyone on here has a record shop or has a big collection of spare sleeves then lmk. I've got a small list with what I am looking for and happy to pay if the condition is good

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  • Thanks all.
    It seems discogs is the way to go.

  • Hi all. I'm back to tap into your collective knowledge. Having bought the Pro-ject Primary E turntable off the back of recommendations on here, I now need to buy amp + speakers to complete the set up. The speakers that were supposed to fulfil that job are not suitable for purpose.

    So...would you recommend speakers w/ inbuilt amp or a set up with separate speakers and amp? If my budget was c£150-200. If that budget won't cover a half decent speaker/amp set up, I'd prefer to buy one of the two items.

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Vinyl Junkies …

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