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  • I recently discovered the Vinyl Buddy cleaning kit (£10 on Amazon) and it's brilliant for quick surface cleaning.
    It comes with a fine spray bottle and a large micro fibre cloth (spectacles type rather than fluffy stuff) which is great.
    Plus a brush etc.
    Still running a paint pad in the groove when needed for a deeper clean.
    Who needs an expensive machine when you can get so much satisfaction out of doing it yourself by hand.

  • Always choose black, especially for vinyl I’m DJing so I can see the breakdowns rather than sound quality, but this was only available coloured and, well, I do love a bit of marbling.

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  • Did you get the box set? I nearly pulled the trigger on it again last night but am struggling with the price for 6x12"s.

  • It got whisked away from me until Christmas day ;)

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  • Haha!! Nice

  • What does hand-fed mean and why does the latest version of Floating Points/Sanders record seem to be the only example I can find of it?

  • No idea.

    Bought one anyway 🤷🏼♂️

  • I texted Sam (Floating Points) and he didn't know what it meant either!

    Just bought it too and hoped for the best. I got the first batch of the 180g and it was a buggered pressing.

  • Never heard that before, but I guess it means that it was made like this, as opposed to some sort of more automated pressing machine that’s less hands-on.

  • Very cool - do you know if all splatter records are made like that or if that's the 'artisan' version?

  • Yeah that's all I thought too it's not unusual, but googling "hand fed" only brings up this pressing. All the other versions of promises are pressed at the same places, so the fact they're shilling this as specially hand fed seems odd.

  • I’ve been going the other way, digitised my old LP & CD collection over lockdown and have sold most off on discogs. I still have three LPs left, all mint, £10 each if you can collect. Depth Charge - Nine Deadly Venoms, Keith Hudson - Studio Kinda Cloudy,
    Bar-Kays - As One.

  • How would that pressing compare to the early one(s)?

    I got mine off Bandcamp before the summer iirc. Don't think it's pressed on 180g vinyl. But one friend who listened to my copy on his high end system mentioned that it wasn't "quiet" with lots of noise in the background.

  • I got among the first of the 180s and it had a torn label hanging off it, a hairy edge and very bad surface noise.

    Luaka bop were shocked when I told them and sent me a replacement which I'm not that happy with either really. They've since commented on the bad pressings on discogs. Seems to have applied only to some of the 180s.

    By all accounts the 140 versions were fine.

  • I have a 140 that’s fine. Was a bit noisy when it arrived but gave it a quick clean and it plays well.

  • What is an acceptable amount of warp on new records? I have played 3 out of 5 new records from the same release and they are showing a fair amount of warping. I don't think I have ever noticed it this bad on brand new vinyl. Videos in the link:­dU6

  • I was looking through my order spreadsheet (helps me keep track of preorders etc) and realised I hadn’t received my 3 feet high reissue.

    Looked through my email and was pretty shocked to see how long the delay was…

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  • Just bee advised that Warners are moving their price increase back to next year. Some of the increases on titles like artist Led Zeppelin look like typos. If you are looking at Warners reissues I would fill your boots before christmas.

  • I wouldn't call those serious but they are running the presses too quickly and that's why they warp. Tends to get worse for titles around RSD and Christmas because there's a lot of demand so factories look to produce just a little bit more than they should.

  • Forgot I had these...

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  • I had a lot to say about Blue Note reissues a while back. I've picked up a few of the represses and they've been much better, as good as you would expect for the money.

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Vinyl Junkies …

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