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  • Doesn't the two bits of glass under a stack of books out in the sun thing work? Never tried it, know people who reckon it takes the kinks out of your favourite audio biscuits...

  • I've done this a couple of times with warped records (though not in sun) can work but takes a couple of weeks

  • It's the same principle as the Vinyl Flat but you can put the heavy metal plates in the oven on low heat or inside a heated pouch so it's a bit more controllable than a pile of books.

  • That's it, the low oven technique... A mate did it a few times, he's bonkers but it did work to a degree...

  • This is what I mean. Just one edge of the record

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  • Christ! Is that fixable!?

  • I seriously doubt it.

  • The vinyl flat will not fix that.

    Comes a point where you're only keeping it to remind you never to do it again.

    Although I guess the other side might play fine :)

  • That's a sad sight... It also looks like one of the boots my mate pressed up!! Looks pre-dinked like the repros...

    I've got OG Shadows & Reflections by The Action and Children of the Sun by The Misunderstood that have both been dinked, so annoying!!

  • It is a bootleg actually, I just check my Discogs history. I was buying a ton of originals at the time, couldn't remember if this was one

    Not so gutting now. Although still a bit. It was a decent press from memory!

  • Best six quid boots ever!! Wish I'd bought the whole run, I gave up after the third or fourth series that came out... Also the Garage Greats Series, should've got every single one!! Tho' they were a bit pricier...

  • My cabinet from Krud that I've been waiting on arrived a couple of days ago - and I love it. Super solid and loads of room to build the collection now. Next step is upgrading the player itself - it's one of those basic USB jobbies which has done us really well until now, but I'm starting to really notice the limitations of the built-in speakers and feel like I want something a bit more 'proper'.
    On that note - is there any good recommended resources to start with for someone who has no idea where to begin with buying record playing equipment?

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  • That is what my Tim Dog album looked like.

  • Sad times indeed

  • I would identify them using Discogs and pick out the ones worth selling individually

    Blimey, bit depressing to see what some of my stuff would be worth if i'd taken better care of it. £200 each for my Gravdiggaz and Thug Life (original pressing) albums if they were in better nick. TBF i was 14 when i picked them up.

  • I am still not over it.

    I remember being pissed at a school friend who borrowed and scratched my Big L album. Now considerably more pissed since discovering Discogs.

  • It is insane what some hip-hop albums are going for.

  • Looks good. What's your budget like? I think my personal recommendation would be to get a secondhand Technics 1210 MK2, an entry level integrated amp with phono stage and some entry level speakers. You'd need to play around with your set up a bit and measure that it would all fit side-by-side, and you'll want to rest the speakers on some sort of insulation mat or could hang some up. Will also need to factor in cartridge and needle. I think you're looking at ~£1k for that.

    There's lots to get, basically, and none of it will work on its own so you kinda need to get the whole set up. I'd definitely recommend getting a solid turntable though that will outlast everything else and a decent cartridge and needle that's set up properly to keep your records in order. You could then just get a cheap amp and speakers at Cash Convertors or whatever to get you up and running and upgrade those as and when.

  • That looks great. I have a similar space that I am going to use. I will need to stack quite a bit higher though but maybe still have the deck at that height.

  • Looks nice.

    Genuinely in awe of how much they charge for some scaffolding boards screwed together and stained though.

  • Yeah, that did factor in a bit. But I managed to get a free delivery code which saved me £60 and made the whole thing slightly more manageable and more realistically priced, not sure I would have gone for it otherwise.

    Thanks others for the advice too - will start looking into things, and saving some cash to do it properly if I can.

  • Hi When would you start to worry about an LP bought on eBay not turning up?

    The LP was purchased 12/7 from a French seller, expected delivery stated as 19/07 to 26/07

    The vendor has 100% positive feedback, at what point do i start getting worried and click to say item has not arrived ?

  • Everything is running slow at the moment, I would give it a week and then get in touch with the seller.

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Vinyl Junkies …

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