Mince Pie Appreciation

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  • Sainsbos top tier, wildly out of date cider brandy butter, exploded in the meekrowahvey


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  • Had a Gregg’s the other day, first time I’ve had a Gregg’s in years. Solid 7/10 pie, nothing flashy, workmanlike, got the job done and filled what hole remained after two sausage rolls and some potato wedges.

  • Had a couple of boxes of these fancy sainsbos mincers over the last week. Too sweet for me!
    And sainsbos bakery 4 packs are underwhelming too.

    Best I've had this year are Morrisons bakery mincers.

    Maybe this is the year I try the Gregg's.

  • Do it. I’m not saying they are the tastiest (the fancy posh ones usually win that one), but for overall score including price point and availability, they always top the table for me.

  • Greggs sorting us out a treat for our 50 min wait at Ipswich station

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  • No pastries at Nero this morning, so first mincer of the year instead. Neros 'Classic' Mince Pie.

    Not a full pastry lid, a star shape instead with sides like a lemon tart. Nice filling though, and the pastry was nice.


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  • Anyone tried one of these before?

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  • No, nope, never!
    2 for 1.89!
    Walk further along the counter, shortcrust mincers, 6 for 1.75. they'll see you right.

  • Yeah - I gave them a go bc I’d been for a run and was feeling decadent.
    Shouldn’t have bothered.

    Fortitude bakery (my favourite London mince pie) start there’s from 1st of December.

  • Gail’s: great pastry, enjoyed the brown sugar cinnamon sprinkles. Filling was a bit underwhelming and not gooey enough. I’d guess it wasn’t given months of booze under the stairs.

  • If you have to take one pie into school as your snack, is there a LFGSS approved pie transport system?

  • I recon a cheese tub with a removable lid - like Boursin - could be your friend here - provided that you can get shot of the smell of garlic.

  • Good shout.

  • Know anybody with a 3d printer?

  • Do I?
    (Do you?)

  • Massive jewellery box?

  • "Once you've accessorized your addiction, it's no longer an addiction but a personality trait"

    Oscar Wilde.

  • Side bar:
    A 3D printer that could produce the pastry shells & lids for mince pies would be quite a thing.

  • An SLS machine full of pastry crumbs instead of plastic powder would probably do that...

  • Tesco Finest are awful, avoid!

  • Their salted caramel, crumbled topped ones, were alright. Though not really a true mince pie.

  • Had a couple of these last week when I stopped at a motorway services with a Greggs and they were delightful.

    The thing I get most upset about with a mincer is the filling to pastry cavity ratio. If everybody kept it uniform then it would be possible to accept 75% filling as the norm, but when sometimes you're biting into a mincer and there's 50% stale air, it's hard to not make it one of the major points of evaluation.

    To that end, Greggs are high up the leaderboard with ensuring a high % of mincemeat filling, and it's wonderfully flavourful. Not boozy but also not cloying, and that's OK when you're getting well baked pastry that's not too crumbly nor too claggy, it's a well rounded offering that works as an ensemble in your mouth.

  • Dunns still hold it down as my favourite without being too exorbitant a price at £1/pop.

    If you Dunn know, now you know.

  • Pastry on the Sainsburys TTD is a bit meh. Filling is nice enough but the whole thing is a bit bland.

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Mince Pie Appreciation

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