Mince Pie Appreciation

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  • Cor, 3 different types there too. Man that's madness.

  • Asda and Sainsbury's today as well, according to BBC Breakfast this morning.

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  • First sighting on Hackney Road

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  • As if 2020 hasn’t already been awful enough.

  • I appreciate this is probably the nip of rum I’ve had and today’s failed attempt at a sweet spiced pumpkin pie talking, but I quite fancy a mince pie. Not in a Christmas way, just mincer. Slightly warmed up. And a blob of cream thick enough to spoon on.

  • Lidl busting loose, mini stollen too

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  • All these pies. All this gluten.

  • It’s on

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  • Friends don't let friends mince prematurely.

  • I would eat these fuckers in August if they were available.

    Fight me.

  • Friends don't let friends mince prematurely.

    This has to be stated in the strongest possible terms

  • Now I'm normally the first to agree that mincers should only be consumed strictly within the festive season, which as we all know begins no earlier than 1st Dec.

    Today my resolve weakened and a six deck made its way into my basket. They remain unsullied and in the cupboard but this situation will not end well. Lend me your strength, true mincers of the forum!

  • All these pies. All this gluten

    Like mincers in rain. Time to pie.

  • Bought the Heston lemon ones today. Feel dirty for doing it in October...

  • I think, given what's going on at the moment, we should all agree not to judge those who go early. Folks are dealing with a lot of stuff, and a pie may offer some much needed sugary solace.

  • That's enough justification for me to go and get a mince pie tomorrow

  • That’s it, flood gates open. There’ll be a run in M&S by the weekend, I can feel it in my brandy soaked bones.

  • With 2nd lockdowns rumoured daily you'd be a fool not to stock up for the whole season now tbh.

  • Its pre-Halloween mincers (pre-Advent if you're straight-edge) that are haram*, not the mincemeat itself, so alternatives are acceptable. I've been pondering using some of my stash to make mincemeat Bakewell slices - good saddlebag food for long cool autumnal rides.

    *Though as has been pointed out, in these challenging times we shouldn't judge whatever people need to get them through the day; my comments come from a place of love and respect for mincers and mincerdom.

  • Are the Greggs ones out yet?

  • Today my resolve weakened and a six deck made its way into my basket

    So... These didn't last long but the worst crime? I only had two of them. Must find a better hiding place.

  • Gluten free options?

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Mince Pie Appreciation

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