Mince Pie Appreciation

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  • Ate two home made mince pies yesterday listening to christmas carols in front of a fully decorated tree. I'm totally fine with early-christmasifying.

    Then got crushing indigestion. If it turns out that I've become mince pie intolerant I'm going to ride my bike into a canal and end it all.

  • Canal will be frozen over just to proper Sod's law you.

    Then you'll be stuck walking on ice, in (hopefully) Time ATAC cleats. Hahahaha.

    You'll need a mincer after that, for sure.

  • Baker Alice Fevronia says all the pies with booze in them can piss off apart from the M&S ones.

  • Tesco Finest* on the go. The asterisk is part of their branding and presumably it’s there because they know it’s not the finest they can do and could probably do better. It’s ok. Not too bad. Pastry is a bit claggy and I think it’s a bit salty. Definitely no.6 on the list. M&S still in the lead for me.

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  • I've tried every mince pie this year and weirdly they all taste exactly the same

  • I think that means you've over done it. Maybe taper for a while, eat some stollen and come back to the pies next week. Look out for yourself and take care.

  • First they make all the mincers taste the same, then before you know it...

    ... Soylent Green

  • actually picked up a morisson's stollen for 1.70. not got too much experience with the teutonic marzipan log, but i've been putting butter on it. cold weather means the butter has been sliced and placed on rather than spread.

  • The in-store bakery one? It's not a proper proper stollen, but it is tasty, and they don't skimp on the marzipan, which is a big plus in my book.

  • My Eastern European mother in law was telling us about these stollen bites she got from Lidl and it took a minute to realise she wasn’t saying “stolen bikes”.

    Had Fortnum and Mason pies today. They’re for people too posh to chew. The filling was paste and not actual bits of fruit.

  • aye yeah it's like a kind of bread swiss roll with marzipan instead of jam

    would dog again

  • had a Spar luxury mincer yesterday, 6/10 passable pie. not bad, but nothing to mark it out.

  • Glace cherry in a mince Pie, Guardian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Sainsburys taste the difference - 7/10 bit too much sugar

  • Is it Iceland Red or Iceland Luxe?

  • Had my first yesterday - a Tesco Finest

    Describe the worst Mincer you ever had

    F-ing delicious!

    Goddamn I missed these bastards

  • m&s red box, currently on offer at £3.50 for two six decks. Been working through them:

    Tuesday - 3
    Wednesday -2 (so far, 10 left from today's investment, have not shared with colleagues because reasons).

  • A heavy but tasty afternoon:

    One M&S "best mince pie ever" from the bakery section - pretty damned good, if large.
    Three M&S "Selection" mincers. I bought a box of 6 to hand around the office (trying to garner favour for appraisal season) but then ate half of them myself.

    That's like ~1000 calories in mincers. I had better go cycle home really hard...

  • Just got home and there's some Holland & Barret ones waiting for me, they're all gluten free though so probably a bit shit.

  • They are totally different, one is more biscuity and the you is more about the fillings than the crust.

  • Is that cheese? What cheese is it?

  • I hate mince pies as the pastry is wrong and the filling is weird. So as my a thing for the french sort of inlaws, I am making mince pies of a sort, or my version. Have had raisins, sultanas and currants soaking in ginger wine for about 6 months. To make the filling am going to add grated cooking apples, cinnamon, nutmeg with some dark muscavado sugar and not sure on which but salted french butter or beef suet this maybe skipped depends on the filling consistency. Then the pastry made with a salty butter/dripping mix to make the pastry less sweet more of a shortcrust style crisp pastry.

  • Uhhhhh okay



    Was not in the right headspace to receive that information

  • You guys I'm shaking rn

  • I hate mince pies

    A wild heretic appears

    the pastry is wrong

    Burn the witch

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Mince Pie Appreciation

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