Mince Pie Appreciation

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  • Horseshit. It’s a mince pie, not a Christmas pie. I’d eat these fuckers year round if they were available.

    Wrong, bigly

  • I haven't read this yet,
    still topping up on Iceland's 12 for £1.89 offering.

  • yeah. Eccles cakes January-November, Mincers are for Christmas

  • Chorley cakes > Eccles cakes.

  • Humble opinion.

  • St John's Eccles Cakes > all other cakes

  • There's nothing like a mid-November mince pie (or box thereof) to both quell and perpetuate those simmering feelings of self-loathing.

  • That's too posh.

  • ^^On that note

    • Tesco's Finest. 7.9/10 after putting them in the oven at 140° for 7 minutes. My French friends had never had them before and rated them as formidable. I crushed these things very quickly. All-around very good.
  • French friends

    There is a French mince pie.

  • I worked with the bakery team for a year a while back and I seriously miss these. Dreamy combo with the Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire cheese. The bakers really pack a lot of work and good stuff in these pies. Also grew fond of the deviled kidneys, specially after a customer facing double shift... but that is another story!

  • It was only the victorians that made mincemeat into a Christmas thing and the victorians were colossal twats. Side with them if you like...

  • golf golf golf golf golf

  • You’re leading me into the type of temptation the Victorian’s were especially particular about... such an eloquent seduction...by Jove.

  • Have you got your tree up as well?

    Yeah. It arrived loads earlier than I expected and I was already on the mincers so I thought, "fuck it" and put it up yesterday. I've ate all my chocolate coin decorations already.

    Haven't got a single regret, not even one, don't @ me

  • When are they coming down? Candlemas eve is the hope in our house.

  • For a pair of mince pie, money no object- where to go?
    As in- fresh out of the oven, Filling: Pastry ratio heavy on the filling. Good spice. Nice kick of alcohol. Bonus point if served with cream.
    Kind of an afternoon tea treat type deal.

    Alternatively- for those of us not organised/ too lazy to make our own mincemeat- where does the best mincemeat of the supermarkets? I suppose I should probably just buckle down and make some.

  • Ritz or Waldorf Hilton?
    No experience - just guessing.
    EDIT - Looks like this place might be a better bet - but still no mention of mincers

  • When it's dead. Which will probably be the 12th of December.

  • I will confront them on their ignorance tout suite. Disappointingly, there doesn't appear to be a corresponding thread over on pignon-fixe.

    • Aldi All-Butter - 5/10 disappointing even for the price. Pastry to filling proportions are off, pastry is sandy, filling is too sweet and lacks booze.
  • @user15324

    Corinthia is a probably a good bet - I had afternoon tea a few days before Easter and there were certainly chocolate eggs, etc

  • I clearly overstated money no object. I just meant bakery level...

  • We were on holiday in the area in '96, although I had suggested Arcachonne,
    and somehow Mrs. M and the travel agent, (yes, people used them that long ago),
    interpreted this as Carcasonne.
    Mrs. M is a carnivore and did try one. She reported it a bit greasy,
    but better than a UK mincer, of which, she is not a fan.

  • This thread just reminded me the misses bought some sainos standard prepacked variety, so thought I'd sneak one as a post commute recovery pie.

    It's fucking burnt! How do you burn what I imagine to be an entirely automated process. It's as close as I've been to reporting it through the "not satisfied" route on the back of the pack.

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Mince Pie Appreciation

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