Mince Pie Appreciation

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  • When they appear in Greggs is the time to get excited.

  • Now also in Coop. Expire 2 Oct though, so get in quick.

  • Fuxxake

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  • Morrisons Congleton ( I'm sure it's the same in all their stores) has a shelf full of the varying crimble baked goods, mincers, crimble pud, cake and Yule logs.
    Way too fuckin early!

  • Surely that's pushing the legal boundaries...how long have they been available in store for £1.20? If I was retired I'd be straight onto the ASA.

  • Look closer at the label. It's an even worse case of mis selling than I think you realise.

  • bigup morrisons congleton I used to go there for my lunch sometimes

  • Aldi have mincers on the shelves now...

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  • Hhhhnnnnnngh I can't wait til December.

  • Wake me when Gregg's are stocking.

  • They already are. Spotted in TCR branch on Friday.

  • Yup can confirm. Greggs Mincers are out in the wild. In early October.

  • Game on.

  • are they the ones to get?

  • So very yes. It’s Chrriisssstmaaaaassssss!

  • .

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  • checks calendar

  • ^ +1

  • MINCER QUIZ 2019:

    1: what does the peel represent?
    Q: which high-street mincer is rumoured to contain 1sp of human semen this season?
    d: why is mincers round and not rectnagle?
    2: in which country do they call mince pies "tartes do bollocque"?
    4 in what year did sainsbury's forget to do mincers?

  • Have we really got 3 months of mince meat pie chat?

    I'm not sure I can take much more of this.

  • 1: John
    2: Waitrose. Again.
    3: Decreed at the Diet of Worms in 1521
    4: French Guyana. In France they are just called "bollocques"
    5: 1957 which they blamed on teething problems of the the Macmillan government

    1. The love of Christ
    2. Tesco marc almonds
    3. Cockney rhyming slang edict of 1857
    4. The UK thanks to the bloody EU. When we Brexit we'll be free of the EU shackle bollocks.
    5. They haven't. Last year they reimagined them as fish eyes containing mince meat.
    1. The presence of a brittle outer layer on a malleable iron casting.
    2. Greggs. For the first time.
    3. Becuase it's Wales
    4. They don't. #admiralakbagif
    5. 2020 at this current rate
  • Was delighted to see the Heston lemon ones on sale at Waitrose last night, but refrained from a purchase. Glad they've not bumped the price up either...

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Mince Pie Appreciation

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