Really good Daily Mail article...

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  • a really good article that re-enforces the point that if you get hit by a driver and you have an ipod it's completely your fault. in fact you are asking for it. you are also a menace.

    in fact even if your mp3 player is in your pocket or at home and you get hit it's your fault.

    perhaps you should all think about this before you go out on your stupid fucking push bikes.

    of course there are no statistics to back any of this up but it's true. i read it in the daily mail.­1231835/Generation-cycling-iPod-zombies-­blamed-rise-deaths-road.html#comments

    i'm off to smash some wing mirrors now.


    fuck it bollocks. londonfgss cardinal sin committed. i can offer in my defense is that i missed the original post relating to this because of the time difference. i hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive, i know it upsets people. also i searched [although i did spell cyclist wrong].


    so sorry.

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  • See, now that^ is an apology people.

  • a member of lfgss apologises?

    clearly an interloper from bike radar - burn them, its unnatural behaviour for here and should not be tolerated

  • Burn him anyway...

  • Bluequinn is next for defending the apologists

    is sweetpee the same person I was chatting to on

  • yeah thats me hi.

  • Own up:

    *You speculate as did the coroner that Abigail Haythorne MAY have been listening to her ipod when killed by the motorist. Then you insensitively and crassly write underneath a photograph of her accompanying your fact free and unsubstantiated article that, quote, "Abigail Haythorne was killed as she listened to her MP3 player".

    Is this an error or intentional twisting of the "facts"?*

    • Jonathan, Shanghai, China, 02/12/2009 06:07

    "It is not known how many of these cases were caused by people listening to music"

    "her earphones were tucked inside her neck scarf. He said it was possible she was wearing them when she was struck by the car"

    And who needs so-called 'proof', eh? Thanks for the outrage.

    • nilb55, london, uk, 01/12/2009 00:28
  • I really hate the way right wing papers are forver "dubbing" and "branding". Or at least made-up-quoting people who dub and brand. The language of these rags gets on my tits almost as much as the dim-witted, heavy handed, hate-mongering... Brunette Dookerdoo (age 33) today branded them "sick".

  • Speaking from his £250,000 house, Spindrift ranted

    • "Theydon'tpayroadtaxandmy neighbourssaughterhasbeenkilledeleventy-­twelvetimesbythesetotallyinvisiblecyclis­tswithnolightsikeepseeingeverywhere".*

    Spindrift is 44.

    Inside, the online map that shows if your house value is effected by paedophiles, and pictures of saucy Rosie Webster dressed as a schoolgirl.

  • brilliant vid/song!

  • Probably the most relevant thread for this:­1421479116480517?s=19

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Really good Daily Mail article...

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