Conspiracy Theories

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  • I find it interesting and quite worrying St the same time how an online trolling has steamrolled in to what it is now its mental.

  • Scientology is a rather more modern example of the creation of a malignant cult.

  • Freedom of religion is untouchable in the US. I’m concerned this political ideology has, either organically or by design, grown into an actual cult that will actually worship trump. If it does, the state has fewer defences against its poisonous vitriol and its adherents will be more easy to exploit by the cult leaders.


  • Installed the Instagram TV app for the first time this morning to post a video and the first thing that popped up when opening it is a video with a bloke claiming the Travis Scott/Astroworld crush was a ritual. Though he’s ‘not here to prove anything’ just show us some pictures so we can decide ourselves. Takes a few more seconds to make a claim that there are similarities between the stage setup and the visuals of mainstream media news which are both intended to send us into a trance? Then the usual defining something that was referenced by Travis Scott and following it up with stuff like ‘I obviously don’t need to explain this any further’ insinuating the answer is so clear that it should smack us all in the face, whereas instead it just appears that they have no point to make so let it tail off for our own conclusions. The comments are all thanking the uploaded for pushing the truth and spreading the word of course.

    My own conspiracy is I’ve no idea why this was the first video in my recommended page, it was posted 5 days ago and only has ~75,000 views, so not exactly a viral video. I’ve never clicked or followed any conspiracy/truth/‘opening consciousness’ videos before. Then the rest of the recommended videos are all things related to what I follow.

  • I quite enjoyed the Kiwi episode of the Consipirituality podcast. I have no particular connection to NZ and it's an old-ish episode, but it was super interesesting how the Maori community became a petri dish for the same fucked up dynamics that that seem to be happening everywhere.­maori-maga-w-joe-trinder-and-anke-richte­r/

  • My own conspiracy is I’ve no idea why this was the first video in my recommended page

    The algorithm links popular or trending videos to keywords in titles or tags of current or past videos you watch. That's what I noticed anyway, can be quite random at times.

  • the pair "held extreme views about there being a conspiracy by the elite to have the general population vaccinated against Covid in order to infect them with a substance which would kill the God particle in humans and turn them into unthinking beings"

    It’ll kill the Higgs boson in us? How will we even exist without it? This must be stopped!

  • barrel necked hate walrus Alex Jones on the hook for for all four Sandy Hook defamation cases.­/americas/alex-jones-sandy-hook-infowars­-b1957993.html

    not sure "guilt" is the right word here - "liable" seems more accurate.

  • barrel necked hate walrus

    new anarcho-punk band name sorted 🤣

  • Alex deserves to rot in hell for what he put those families through.
    Very likely he will not pay a cent though. He will have hidden all his assets somewhere and will claim poverty.

  • Ok you guys heard the flat earth theorists that say Australia is a myth and all Australians are actors?

    EDIT: Here is the link­alia-doesnt-exist-and-people-who.html?m=­1

  • Makes sense, after all has anyone actually been there?

  • Some conspiracy theorists say Jones is an obvious government stooge, paid to put on a performance so outrageous and obviously stupid that it discredits all of them.

    Never seems to occur to them that his existence and popularity in their space should make them question the validity of their ideas. But this kind of self-defence of irrational beliefs pales compared to the Qanon nutters, so it's not even surprising any more.

  • Jones is an obvious government stooge

    Until we hear from JFK Jr we won't actually know the TRuTh

  • JFK jr was assassinated because he flew around the other side of the flat earth and discovered the Illuminati secret headquarters, so he won't be coming back as all of his organs were shared out in life saving operations to Elvis, and Don Knotts

  • Don Knotts

    Fucking loved Don Knotts. Underrated comedy genius

  • Enjoying how annoyed this is getting some people on twitter

  • There's a conspiracy theory that the Titanic didn't sink?

  • Also, what is "Ancient Giant Trees" & "Feral People in Forest"? I need to do my own research

  • It seems highly unlikely an unsinkable ship could sink

  • Absolutely no mention of Faul McCartney 😑

  • Flat earth & moon landings?

  • Those are both on there but sadly no mention of Stanley Kubrick

  • It was incredibly unlucky. The number of things that had to all come together, and did was very unlikely.

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Conspiracy Theories

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