Conspiracy Theories

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  • People's Party of Canada. Populist MAGA crowd, Canadian style.

  • Aboot lickers.

  • Take my rep you utter bastard!!1!


  • The gorgeous French actress Marion Cotillard was someone for whom I had deep admiration then I read she pointed out that a building in Mexico was struck by a plane and didn't fall over and I knew at that moment that we could never be together.

  • A year-old interview has surfaced in which Cotillard queried the
    veracity of the 9/11 attacks. "I think we're lied to about a number of
    things," she said. "There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain,
    which burned for 24 hours. It never collapsed."

    Cotillard went on to cast doubts on the moon landing.­r/03/features

    Just crushing disappointment.

  • Real good now

  • Still chuckle about Frankie Boyle's rebuttal to someone saying that wood stoves don't melt and they burn hotter than jet fuel. He said something like "it'd be pretty fucked if you flew an airliner into it!"

  • Can we at least agree anti-vax radio host Bob Enyart who "would gleefully read obituaries of AIDS sufferers while cranking ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen" deserved every fucking thing that happened to him?

  • I'm not sure what happened to him, but it sounds like it probably wasn't enough.

  • Ah, died of Covid, least he deserved I guess.

  • Actually jet fuel burns pretty fucking hot when you pump plenty of oxygen into it, like in an aircraft engine or, say, in a massive firestorm whipped up by wind in a big building where all the windows have been blown out. Don’t people understand what convection is? It just ends up like a Bessemer furnace, which is hot enough for smelting. There’s loads of examples of it around, too. Blacksmiths work with red/white hot iron, it’s like putty but it certainly isn’t molten, and that only takes 800°c. Header pipes on F1 cars glow white hot but they don’t melt. It’s just basic sciencing really, but no, people prefer to believe it’s all a lie. Morons.

  • Frankie was funnier

  • Metal gets pretty soft long before it melts. Those steel beams would yield way before they melted..
    This meme only survives because hardly anyone these days has any firsthand experience in metalworking.

    Today I am training people on operating heavy equipment. There is some basic math and physics. It is unbelievable how little people know, they seem to have discarded everything they learned in high school.

    I trained a guy from Mexico and he was way ahead of the Canadians in that group. Same with the Filipinos. They seem to recall more and learn our material way faster than Canadian grads.

  • Oh jeez

  • Nah, he can spell.

  • Yeh way to much laying down going on

  • At yesterday’s anti-vax rally in London, people told us they wanted to
    see the Capitol insurrection happen in the UK.

    Despite Facebook’s claim to have clamped down on disinformation,
    almost everyone said they still use it to organise. Some even have as
    many as 40,000 followers.­643928081412105

  • Fucking batshit

  • Christ, i think I've finally been put off overthrowing the government.

  • Then this is the perfect thread to suggest it’s actually a false flag op by the Guvmint

  • I can’t actually watch that, just reading the tweet tells me how depressing it is. It’s like there’s some sort of collective madness spreading over the supposed developed nations.

  • They're all either ill or stupid... The Murdoch press is desperately trying to stoke all this shit up in Oz ATM, particularly in Labor states... It's so blatant yet people can't see it, most of the media is right leaning here and it's totally amoral... They could not give a fuck about doing the right thing, I don't understand any of it... Keep people scared and stupid and spending money, is it as simple as that?

  • shame cos there are some funny comments like this one from @BangAverageCat3. Mind you the user name sounds like a cyclist so is clearly a sensible chap/lady

    These people are both a credit to and an indictment of the society we live in. That we've evolved to the point we can afford to let people with intelligence of damp paint survive into adulthood rather than having to repurpose them as firewood when it gets cold is miraculous

    Yes, they are morons. Badly led or advised or something like that but still utter, utter morons

  • At yesterday’s anti-vax rally in London, people told us they wanted to
    see the Capitol insurrection happen in the UK.

    Might it not be just a little too much work to build a Capitol here first?

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Conspiracy Theories

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