The Vegan Thread

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  • There must be something on the southbank! Wagamama?

  • Wagamama is good but maybe something a bit more unique!

  • There's a Rosa's Thai Kitchen nearby which is good, but again, far from unique. Think there are a few places with options in Borough Mkt.

  • Rosa's isn't a bad shout actually. My mum is visiting, she's definitely had wagamamas before but probably not Rosa's. Borough Market would be my go to but it depends on the weather. It's probably not going to be comfortable hanging around there if it's not much warmer by next weekend.

  • Mallow is a banging restaurant near borough. No non vegan though but fuck em amirite

  • Will have to check it out when I'm not with my meat-centric step dad! I can't be arsed with him whinging about it, ha ha.

  • Mexico City is a vegan wonderland.

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  • Sons & Daughters if sandwiches are OK - their vegan one is really good, and you can get a pint
    Honest Burgers have a good vegan burger.
    Flatiron square probably have some vegan dishes, haven't been in there for a while as it was closed -
    Table restaurant have some basic vegan options

  • I spent a couple of months cycling from Cancun Airport (avoiding Cancun) the whole way through Central America to Panama City a few years back - didn't find a single decent vegan meal the whole way. It was still an amazing trip, but you need to be happy eating a lot of rice and beans.

    (didn't go to Mexico City tho)

  • Anyone else tried This isn't Streaky Bacon? Holy fuck it's amazing! We spent the entire time eating it saying fucking hell!

    Hard to get out of the pack intact but worth the struggle

  • Damn, it was on offer at Saino's the other day, but I picked up the Richmond one I'm familiar with. Next time...

  • It's very salty and has like faux fat/rind through it. Honestly it's so realistic (it's been 17 years since I ate Bacon, but to me it was identical from what I remember)

    Done crispy in a BLT I think would be amazing (we had it on a Caesar salad last night)

  • Thanks, I'll check those out!

  • Richmond vegan bacon is just frazzle flavoured polystyrene.

  • Lidl have tons of vegan bits in atm - tofu was a quid in Walthamstow n I reckon it might be the same as the Taifun tofu?? Was good and firm (not tofoo firm but the kind you don't need to press and will crisp up).

    Also had cheap Naturli, raviolis, Violife Greek, Gosh! bits, hazelnut milk... all v good tbh

  • Best be quick, January is nearly over

  • Any nutritional yeast flakes?

  • Works fine in a sandwich though, to my uncultured palate. Also, I miss Frazzles...

  • None to be seen as far as I could tell, reminds me I need to stock up though - going to pop back and stock up on tofu and bits at the weekend because no doubts this will all be gone as soon as January's done </3

  • May I suggest...

  • They're not as good as Frazzles, but they're pretty damn good. Also, their beef and horseradish crisps.

  • beef and horseradish crisps

    I smashed loads of these the other night.

  • I have a particular weakness for these
    And they make my pee smell of paprika

  • Best be quick, January is nearly over

    Annoys the fork out of me that January is the vegan promised land on supermarket shelves, only for half of it to disappear for the other 11 months.

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The Vegan Thread

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