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  • I don't know where they're from - I was given 10 for Christmas and I just found that one at the back of the cupboard.
    @snottyotter yeah they're like dime bars, maybe a bit nuttier but I can't really remember exactly what Dime bars where like.

  • Why?!

    EDIT: ignore this, the cheese is still milk based.

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  • Just ordered two of everything from their website.

  • Seems silly to go to the work of marketing a plant based burger but then leaving in the dairy cheese

  • Same as Pizza Hut. I don’t get it

  • Looking forward to the post delivery review!

  • Any suggestions for a quick, easy, ideally not junk food lunch around Shoreditch?

  • Dishoom has decent vegan options

  • I forgot that was round there! Will bear in mind for next time.

    Just booked a long weekend in Lisbon for the end of summer, any suggestions for places to eat?

  • Well I never, there's a thread for everything on here isn't there? Thanks for that!

  • Only went for a day when we were nearby in Cascais a couple of years back - went to a place called ‘Kong’ which was plenty nice enough for my low standards.

  • Anyone had experience using oat cream in an ice cream maker?

  • Just posted great vegan place on Lisbon thread.

    There are a couple more nearby, one is the vegetarian counter point to Bel Canto.

  • Any recommendations for places for lunch around Southwark/Bermondsey? Ideally a mix of vegan and non vegan options.

  • En Root Peckham

  • Have been pleasantly surprised by the Plant Based Philadelphia it’s rather good and I don’t feel I am missing out compared to dairy based Philadelphia.

    Might it be useful to change the name of this thread to The Vegan and Plant Based Food Thread to make it more searchable?

  • Plant Based Philadelphia

    where did you get this? Have not been able to find in local or big Sains

  • Tesco

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  • What are people’s thoughts on buying products such as the Philadelphia above, vegan McDonalds, vegan Galaxy chocolate etc?

    Generally I try and avoid them as much as possible unless I’m really stuck (although I would much rather bonk on a ride than have to eat a McDonald’s).

    There’s something about giving my money to companies that cause mass suffering that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m glad that so many vegan options are now available, so maybe I’m just being pessimistic and think these companies are only doing it because there’s money to be made (which they are).

    I guess if more people buy vegan alternatives like those listed above, the demand for meat and dairy will be less. However, nothing sends a stronger message than giving them no money at all, imo.

  • its a good point and worthy of debate.

    Oatly is and has been in the firing line for a while now taking money off companies like Blackstone and Trump - their argument being - lets fill the big boardrooms with vegans and think about it later

    Unless its your friendly tofu cheese maker that charges £10 a block its hard to see where you draw the line if you dont have much money. Big co's can charge less but there's always a pay off.

    They also churn out alot more product - creating more vegans in turn I would assume.

  • I get where you are coming from. But the flip side is large companies can get their products distributed easily and have big promotion budgets. If they can show their normal customers that there are genuine alternatives it helps move the conversation forward.

    If the product isn’t for you I am sure they aren’t bothered but if they act as a gateway to getting people to eat more sustainably it’s a good thing. It’s an odd one as there are very different motivations, for some it’s a animal welfare issue, for others a health matter, for others a sustainability matter. In our household we are omnivores that choose a plant based diet 5 days a week. As such we are clearly not a vegan household but are plant based a lot of the time, hence the question about should the thread be renamed.

    I have a lot of respect for people who do this from a moral/ethical/animal welfare stand point.

  • Yeah, it’s an interest topic.

    I’ll happily eat vegan Greggs but draw the line with other stuff. I can’t even really explain why.

  • Trex is good for pastries and mainly (by ne) used for frostings. Can't really imagine eating it by itself :X

    I like a lot the sainsbury's brand butter, good for bakes and for bread

  • It'd be interesting to see what the effect of these large, unethical companies providing a vegan option has on the sales of their non-vegan products. For example, are McDonalds selling less Big Macs now that they sell the McPlant? Or are they selling just as many but are making a load of money from vegans as well?
    I don't really know where I stand on it tbh. From a pure animal welfare point of view, surely even one less dead animal is a net win. But does it also send a message to these companies that they can behave however they want and people will still give them money for a plant based burger?

    Edit: that's not directed straight at you hollow__legs, just some musings.

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The Vegan Thread

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