The Vegan Thread

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  • White, I figure that's the most flavourless

  • it’s so so wrong for pastry cooking and dry ingredients

    ..yea? I really like it, using "cups" for mutiple ingredients in a recipe for example, think it makes for a quick and easy way of doing it.

  • So imprecise, that's why I don't bake too often, I like just winging it.

  • I mill my own flour. Freshly milled flour has twice the volume of flour that has settled in transit.

    This is why many recipes suggest flour is sifted. Volumetric measurements are fucking useless especially when making pastry, dough etc.

  • Aldi southern fried not chicken burgers.

    Looks like these are being discontinued, stock up!

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  • NOOOOOO I Love them!!

  • So I emailed Aldi and they got back to me already, good and bad news, they're not going forever:

    Thank you for contacting Aldi Customer Services regarding the availability of the chicken burger.

    I have checked the availability for the spicy vegan chicken burger and must advise you that this product is a seasonal product and only available in stores during the winter season.

    Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused.

    Once again, thank you for contacting Aldi Customer Services and we look forward to your continued custom.

    Yours sincerely

    Customer Service Advisor
    ALDI Stores Ltd

  • Yeah, it's been my go-to for winter BBQs, can't see any need for it in the summer...

  • I know, comedy genius.

  • this sucks. I love them.

  • Recommendations for somewhere near the Tate Modern for vegan breakfast (that isn’t Mallow)?

  • Tried Vegilantes Zinger (from Morrisons) the other day and it seemed similar to the Aldi Southern Fried burger. That said it's been a while since I had the Aldi one.

  • Have you tried the vegan "blocks" they seem to be called? They come in a block like normal butter would, hence the name. They are much better than margarine in my opinion. The flora plant one is good. Maybe I don't have the same pallet as you in baking but something else to try.

  • Has anyone said Naturli yet?

  • Naturli

    This! The spreadable one is delicious

  • Highly recommended, Naturli block is indistinguishable from butter.
    @dancing james just sub 1:1 with butter in baking, easy breezy

  • Naturli stuff is top, flora is good too.

  • Can second the vegan blocks good for baking

  • Next time I am near a supermarket I’ll try. Local co op and Tesco don’t carry trex or Naturli.

  • Trex is very different, I thinki got some over Xmas when nothing else was about and it's so unused in the fridge.

  • Naturli black wrapper butter is the best. Same texture and flavour as cows butter. The others in the house now use it instead of the other stuff.

  • These are goooooood

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  • nice! where you get them?

  • They like dime bars?

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The Vegan Thread

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