The Vegan Thread

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  • Thats the strong impression I'm getting.

    That, and over time, people providing these services are moving onto instagram to promote their businesses - and thats something i don't use - I'm missing out.

    I've gone with a local business we've relied on in the past (veg).

  • Unsolicited Hastings vegan review:

    -The Prince Albert pub (all vegan) is amazing and a must visit
    -The Hempist all vegan junk food is pretty dece, I didn't try the banana blossom fish n chips tho
    -Monelli's Pizza vegan Margherita is a banger

  • Anyone got suggestions for vegan places in Brighton?

  • Had a Really Happy Chicken burger last weekend. Would Happy Chicken again.

  • There's a great donut/coffee place called Glazed. Loving Hut was also alright, pretty reasonable prices.

  • nice one. I am suggesting a forum ride to Hastings immediately to sample the delights of the Prince Albert.

  • I've been meaning to ride to Brighton quite specifically to go to Happy Maki for ages. I had some at some vegan festival/trade show some years back, and while I haven't sampled the shop, it can't be bad based on what I had.

  • Thanks for the suggestions! Loving Hut is a real blast from the past, haven't been there in years, is it still in the weird little hut with all of the culty stuff?

  • What the pitta, glazed, and happy maki are all firm family favourites!

  • Cycled through Shrewsbury and stopped by at Okra, I had a wrap with deep fried tofu, Korean bbq sauce, slaw, shop made kimchi and fresh flatbread. Been craving another since I left!

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  • Also got a nice Seitan and sriracha wrap from Little Devils in Aberystwyth. Not quite on par with the above but a tasty treat nonetheless :)

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  • Also I didn’t take a pic but my brother bought a load of vegan cinnamon and Chelsea buns from Pelican Bakery, also in Aberystwyth. Were 👌

  • I rode from Birmingham to Shrewsbury a few months back with the end point as Okra, food is great!

  • That looks absolutely incredible!

  • Oof, call me!

  • Of course, I should have said: 'Do you want me to e-mail them?' Sorry, wasn't thinking.

  • Purezza (O.G.), Glazed, The Longhouse Cafe

  • In case anyone was interested, we went to Happy Maki and it was great! Perfect to eat on the beach, would highly recommend.

  • Considering buying a dehydrator to make home made meals for wild camping trips, but also thought trying Seitan Jerkie might be an idea, anyone tried this out of interest?

  • Couple of mates back in Austraila have them. They make a load of outdoor meals and all their own trail snacks - dried mango, fruit "leather" etc. Want one but probably wouldn't make enough use of it.

  • Yeah that is my concern too. Might experiment with making jerky in the regular oven first before investing in a dehydrator

  • Vegan leather made from mangos.

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The Vegan Thread

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