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  • It's the set or runny problem that always gets my mind going.

  • I am(/was) vegan, and I eat mussels from time to time.

    This is the article that really swayed me/cleared my conscience:­onsumption-of-bivalves-bdde8db6d4ba

    For what it's worth I'm local to an indie fishmongers that sources them from nearby (I'm up near the sea in the North-West, for what it's worth).

  • Also Richmond's new bacon rashers are probs the best I've had.
    They manage to get slightly crispy at the edges without turning into crunchy hard plastic (especially once they've been out the pan for more than a minute), and have a decent taste too.

  • I'm not trying to troll at all, nice one for calling me thick though, constructive.

    If you're vegan totally for ethical reasons, that's absolutely fine but I would imagine some people here are vegan, at least in part, for environmental reasons.

    Thousands and thousands of deer are culled every year in this country whether people eat them or not, that's going to continue for a long time. It's not an ideal situation but until large numbers of predators are introduced it's going to continue. I agree, it's cruel but the consumption of them is no more exploitative or cruel than the cull.

    I was just asking the question to see how others felt about it, but I guess I see how you feel about it.

    @snottyotter The debate about whether bivalves have feelings is pretty complex but they're production has a net positive impact on the environment. I would definitely still eat them.

    Fungi could even be considered about as alive as bivalves and I doubt many vegans would think twice about eating it.

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  • The debate about whether bivalves have feelings is pretty complex

  • I get the argument, it's a bit like eating roadkill only the killing is deliberate. And let's just assume that anyone who doesn't live a vegan lifestyle doesn't go around claiming to be vegan and getting Moby tattoos.

    I'm in this thread because I cook exclusively vegan, buy vegan non-food as much as I can, but my wife eats meat and dairy etc and if she's going to chuck out a slice of cheese pizza I'm going to eat it. I draw the line at meat just because I don't really fancy putting it in my mouth, why cheese is different I don't know and I'm less and less down with it as time goes by.

    Culled deer meat should be made useful while (if) culling is unavoidable. The issue I see is that people are undoubtedly profiting from the sale of that venison, and then we're on that slippery slope of profit margins and human greed, and before you know it we've got the next Cattle Decap record. I remember an article by Isabella Tree a while back decrying the rise of veganism, and I was pretty annoyed that there was no mention of how much annual revenue Knepp generates through the sale of meat. Bit of a vested interest there.

  • This is fairly old news but it didn't come up in thread search - so just in case anyone likes a good old petition/boycott: oatly appear to be acting like a bunch of cunts

  • The packaging is too similar to theirs? What are they on about?

    Even the bluish one isn't similar, they don't have a copyright/trademark on the colour blue.

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  • I've said this before, but Oatly are the Brewdog of plant milks

  • Aye even compared to Oatly's blue packaging it's a spurious claim.

  • Hah! Man those guys are the very worst

  • I know these guys have some fans in this thread...­kitchen-vandalised-by-ravers

  • Oh shit, that's terrible. Good to hear about their expansion plans, but a real setback.

  • Was in the Soho one for lunch last weekend and noticed the vegan comment on the menu. Later went to Omni in Peckham for dinner on the same day, so much good food!

  • Cheers for the heads up on Omni, live in Peckham and hadn't heard about it. I need a shitake old fashioned!

  • For our anniversary this year, my girlfriend and I are planning to go for a posh meal somewhere instead of doing gifts. Any suggestions? Gauthier in Soho looks great but I think you probably have to book ridiculously far in advance.

  • Shit news. Have ordered some (not) cheese

  • Lovely to see these places popping up. Is it very new? Seems to be.

  • Just having had a look at the Omni menu, that looks pretty proper to me, if you consider Peckham Rye posh enough. :) I obviously haven't been there, but we have Ste_S's verdict to go on.

  • They had weekly appearances at Stockton in Deptford and Louie Louie on Walworth Rd over the past year or so then opened the permanent restaurant a month ago.

    I had a few snacks at Stockton last year and it was great, looking forward to going for a proper dinner.

  • The menu is very similar to Naifs which is up my end of Peckham but sadly hasn't reopened yet.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Apart from ethical and environmental considerations it’s also worth considering that seafood contain pcb’s, mercury, choline, cholesterol etc and that the negative effects of these by far exceed the beneficial effects of the omega-3/DHA - both of which you can get from a clean source by eating algae based supplements.

  • They’re also gross

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The Vegan Thread

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